of Rendity

Carefully Selected Office Playlists

The result of combining our passion for real estate and music is - how could it be otherwise - house of Rendity!
Here are our carefully crafted office playlists for productive working sessions.

Office Playlist 9 - New Space

Office Playlist #9

In the summer we explored new areas, did some cooperations and moved into a new office - our new space for innovative and creative inspirations. This track list ran on repeat during this time.

Office Playlist 8 - The Next Level

Office Playlist #8

We compiled 21 hours of music that helped us during late shifts shaping our new product line and thereby bringing us to the next level. This playlist has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks and we are proud to offer our first rental property for our investors.

Office Playlist 7 - Resume

Office Playlist #7

During the calculation for our statistics after several projects in Vienna and Berlin we listend to our new office playlist "resume" with some gorgeous summer hits on it to keep our facts and figures in mind. We are proud of what we've achieved so far!

Office Playlist 6 - Cross-Border

Office Playlist #6

After our first project we venture the step to Berlin and offer the first cross-border crowd investing project for real estate in Europe. We celebrate this cross-border investment opportunity with a new office playlist and hope our German friends like it as well.

Office Playlist 4 - Fly Above

Office Playlist #5

Fly above - We have reached the funding threshold for our first project at Sechsschimmelgasse in Vienna! This compilation was very motivational during all the preparation for the launch of the project and perfectly conveyed the feeling of being part of something big.

Office Playlist 4 - Network

Office Playlist #4

We at Rendity want to grow our network. This awesome playlist helps networking and is a must-have for the hot summer. We are always keen on getting in touch with other people and want you for our community. So spread the word and invest with friends.

Office Playlist 3 - IO

Office Playlist #3

We called this mixtape I/O (Input/Output), as it helps us to implement the input from our testers to produce a perfect output. This office playlist has been with us on a daily basis in the improvement and further development of our product.

Office Playlist 2 - O2

Office Playlist #2

O2 is the molecular formula of Oxygen. Take some deep breaths from our startup and the new investing portal after we brought it to life. Spring is in the air and therefore enjoy this 17 tunes to get you ready for this summer.

Office Playlist 1 - The Beginning

Office Playlist #1

With this 19 awesome tracks we startet working on Rendity. We had a lot of productive late night hours building a new fintech online platform from scratch. We want to share this very first music collection to motivate other entrepreneurs on their journey.