Rendity Income

Generate an additional income

Invest in rented properties and receive quarterly distributions.
Key takeaways
Invest in rental real estate with steady rent payments
Generate an additional income with distributions every 3 months
Profit from the attractive rental market

Stable rental income

For the use of living space or commercial space tenants usually pay a monthly amount in the form of rent. The pure rental income determines the return of a rented property in relation to the purchase price. The aim of Rendity Income is to generate stable rental income. Therefore, real estate in central locations are selected with low probability of loss of rent and long-term tenants.

Professional Asset-Management

A rented property is only as good as its management. That's why Rendity works exclusively with professional asset managers who have successfully proven their know-how and real estate expertise over the years.

Become a real estate investor

We open the door to the real estate market. Now you have the change to get a real estate investor.
Frequently asked Questions
What do I invest in?
With Rendity Income you invest in rented real estate. This type of real estate is also called existing real estate.
What are existing properties?
An existing property is an already constructed property that is used and rented as a living or office space.
When and how do I receive my interest?
The return is distributed quarterly and will be paid directly to your wallet.
What advantages does Rendity Income offer you?
Rendity Income offers our investors an income strategy to receive a regular additional income. Due to the continuously generated rental income, consistent distributions are achieved. Your money increases every 3 months by receiving a quarterly payout on your wallet.
What are the costs for me?
As an investor you do not bear any costs, your investments via our platform are completely free of charge for you.
Who manages and rents the existing real estate?
All of our existing properties are managed by professional property managers. The leasing of the existing real estate takes over the respective borrower, usually in cooperation with external brokerage companies.
Does Rendity Income fit with my investment strategy?
There is the right investment for every investment horizon and every risk profile. Answer the following questions and get an assessment of your potential investment strategy.