Rendity savings plan

Start saving automatically for your real estate portfolio

Create your personal savings plan to invest a fixed amount each month and receive automatic interest.
Key takeaways
Create your monthly savings plan
Have your portfolio built automatically
Profit from regular interest distributions
Save up every month
Rendity savings plan

Savings plan tailored to your needs

Choose your personal real estate savings plan and invest your money easily and profitably. You determine the amount of your investments and how much you want to invest per month. Your savings plan invests continuously in suitable projects and builds up your real estate portfolio.

Benefit automatically from real estate projects

From now on you will not miss any investments and you will also save valuable time when investing your money. Rendity savings Plan is the best way to grow your real estate portfolio, spread the risk and keep full control over your investments.

Become a real estate investor

We open the door to the real estate market. Now you have the change to get a real estate investor.
Frequently asked Questions
What is the savings plan?
The savings plan helps you to save your assets. You can create your savings plan and automatically invest in real estate projects on Rendity with small amounts.
What are the advantages of the savings plan?
The savings plan is perfect for investors who want security and diversification without having to sacrifice a high return. You determine what is important to you in your real estate investments and the savings plan does the rest for you.
Who can use the savings plan?
Anyone who has a verified Rendity account can use the savings plan.
Can I invest manually in addition to the savings plan?
Yes, even if the savings plan is active, manual investments can still be made.
Which payment methods does the savings plan support?
Currently, payments can be processed via direct debit or with the balance on your Investor Wallet.
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount for each project is €100.
According to which criteria can I adjust my savings plan?
You can choose between three saving plans and determine in the next step how much you want to invest per month. With the advanced investment plan you can define the criteria according to which investments are to be made. These criteria are: - the amount for each investment - the maximum investment amount - the desired period - the location - the category (Income or Growth) - the asset class - the return - the duration - the rating
In which projects does the savings plan invest?
The savings plan invests in future projects that match your investment plan. Current projects cannot be taken into account and must still be made manually.
Can I withdraw from investments made by my savings plan?
Yes, you can withdraw from all investments made by the savings plan within 14 days.
Can I subsequently change my savings plan?
Yes, the savings plan can be changed at any time in your account settings and will be considered for future investments.
Can I invest in different projects several times a month via a savings plan?
Once you have selected your savings plan, the next step is to determine how much each investment should be. In the second step, you determine the maximum amount that will be invested per month. By making these two decisions, you determine how often the savings plan will invest for you per month without exceeding your personal budget.
Is there a minimum runtime for the Rendity savings plan?
No, the Rendity savings plan can be disabled or paused at any time in your account settings.

Save up every month

Choose your personal savings plan and invest your money easily and profitably.