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Denisgasse 35



9.75% p.a.


30 months

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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The project "Denisgasse 35" is an apartment building in Vienna's 20th district, which is being extended by two attic floors. The property currently has 21 residential and 2 commercial units, and the project will also create 4 penthouse apartments. A building permit for the loft conversion has already been granted. Construction activities will start shortly in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2024 and should be completed by the 3rd calendar quarter of 2025. After completion, the units in the existing building and the top floor will be sold off individually.

As part of the development project, a further 355 m² of usable residential space will be created in addition to the existing space of 1,187 m², increasing the total usable space to around 1,542 m². The extension is 100% residential use. In addition to the actual living space, the modern roof structure creates additional outdoor areas such as balconies and roof terraces with breathtaking views over Vienna. The property impresses with its proximity to the Hannovermarkt and Augarten as well as its excellent transport links.

Deal Highlights

KVIERREAL – long-standing Rendity partner with 8 successful financings

The KVIERREAL Group has successfully financed 8 projects with the help of the Rendity Investors Community, of which a project volume of around €2 million has already been repaid. KVIERREAL has been active as a project developer on the Viennese real estate market for many years and specializes in the purchase and sale as well as the revitalization of classic Wilhelminian-style houses and apartments.

Attractive interest rates and short term – 9.75 % yield with a term of 30 months

Investors receive an annual interest rate of 9.75 % on their invested capital. The interest is distributed every year. The capital invested is repaid in full to the investors at the end of the short term of a maximum of 30 months.

Planning permission granted – construction to start soon

The purchase agreement has been concluded and the issuer is already the owner of the property. A building permit for the loft conversion has already been granted. Construction activities are scheduled to start in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2024, with completion of the project scheduled for the 3rd calendar quarter of 2025.

Brigittenau district – large-scale urban development and urban charm

The property is located in Vienna's 20th district of Brigittenau, which boasts excellent transport links and direct proximity to the Danube. Promising urban development projects are upgrading the district and ensuring a steady increase in interest in residential areas in the vicinity of the main transport axes.

RENDITY immediate interest – interest from day 1

Investors receive Rendity Instant Interest as soon as they pay in their investment, which is paid out to their wallet as soon as the subscription period expires. With Rendity Instant Interest, it is possible to receive interest on your invested capital not only for the term of the loan, but also for the period before that. This means that you receive interest on your investment even during the subscription period.

Investment Case

For the purpose of partial financing, the development "Denisgasse 35" of DNG35 Immobilien GmbH & Co KG, a company of the KVIERREAL Group, intends to take out qualified subordinated loans in the maximum amount of € 800,000 at the stated conditions. The purchase agreement has been concluded and the issuer is already the owner of the property. The aim of the issues is to partially redeem the equity used, to finance the construction measures for an attic extension and to realize the individual sale of the residential units of the existing building and the attic.

Annual distributions:

During the term, the lenders receive annual distributions of 9.75%.

Short term:

Lenders will receive their invested capital back once the apartments have been realized. This is planned to take place after a maximum of 30 months.


Purchase price property (incl. ancillary costs)
5.067.000 €
Construction costs
1.804.250 €
Planning costs
180.000 €
Financing costs
345.689 €
20.000 €
Total investment costs
7.416.939 €
Sales proceeds
8.671.000 €
1.254.061 €

Finance Structure


Welcome to 1200 Vienna

Nestled between the Danube Canal and the Danube, the 20th district of Brigittenau is the gateway to north-western Vienna. Here you will find a lively and densely populated part of the city, which not only impresses with its proximity to the city center, numerous shopping opportunities and gastronomic offers, but also with promising urban development projects.

While there are a variety of bars, stores and restaurants around Wallensteinplatz, the other areas also have their charm, especially due to their close proximity to the water. One side of the district borders the Danube Canal and offers a green promenade with a cycle path that leads directly into the city center. The other side of the district also has a lot to offer, with over three kilometers of waterfront along the Danube.


Nothing is worth more than a good location. The project "Denisgasse 35" is located in the 20th district of Brigittenau in Vienna.

All stores for daily needs, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, are in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the Hannovermarkt, which offers everything from fruit, vegetables, fish and meat to delicatessens, florists and a number of restaurants, is just a 5-minute walk away. The Danube Canal and Augarten are well-known recreational areas in the immediate vicinity. With the subway stations Friedensbrücke (U4) and Jägerstraße (U6), the location has excellent connections to the public transport network. The city center can therefore be easily reached within 20 minutes.

Discover the surroundings

Large-scale urban development and urban charm - this aptly describes the district and thus the location of the "Denisgasse 35" project.

The increasing attractiveness of Brigittenau as a residential district and the fact that the largest available land reserve for inner-city development can be found here have led to an increased construction boom in recent years. In particular, the planning of what is currently probably the best-known urban development area, the Nordwestbahnhof, is taking on ever more concrete forms. This area is being transformed from a freight transfer point into a new district and is set to grow into a climate-friendly and socially mixed residential and working quarter by 2035. Around 6,500 apartments for 16,000 people are being developed. A central component of the project is the "Green Center", a 10-hectare open space in the form of a park-like area with footpaths and cycle paths and no through roads, which will offer numerous recreational opportunities.


Hannovermarkt stretches along Hannovergasse in Vienna's 20th district of Brigittenau, from Othmargasse to Gerhardusgasse. Its current appearance is the result of a general refurbishment in 2003, which was carried out with the help of EU funding. There are around 55 permanent stalls at the Hannovermarkt. The assortment ranges from fruit, vegetables, fish and meat to bread. There are also several delicatessens, flower and consumer goods stores and a tobacconist. There are also a limited number of restaurants among the other stores.

Danube Canal

The Danube Canal is the closest branch of the Danube to the city center in Vienna, which was still the main branch of the Danube in the Middle Ages. As part of the regulation of the Danube, measures were finally taken to counteract the constantly changing riverbed and the dangers of flooding. Today, the riverside promenades along both sides of the river are characterized by urban charm and a variety of gastronomic options. Away from the hustle and bustle, sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation will find spacious, park-like riverbank areas with seating.


The Augarten in Vienna's 2nd district, with its iconic flight defense tower and the Augarten Palace, is a publicly accessible park with the oldest baroque gardens in Vienna. In addition to a well-tended parterre garden with elaborate floral landscapes, it also offers an extensive area criss-crossed by shady avenues of chestnut, armor, lime, ash and maple trees. The plain concrete tower from the Second World War located in the park is now closed to visitors, but offers a contrasting beauty to the rest of the well-kept Augarten and is now part of the Viennese cityscape.

Friedensbrücke subway station (U4)

The Friedensbrücke subway station on the U4 line in Vienna is located in the neighboring Alsergrund, the 9th district. It is named after the Friedensbrücke bridge, which was first named in 1926 and is located right next to the station. The station is at ground level between the Treppelweg along the Danube Canal and Spittelauer Lände. The historic entrance building by Otto Wagner leads to a forecourt and the stops for streetcar lines 5 and 33 in the direction of Westbahnhof and Josefstädter Straße. The journey from Friedensbrücke to the city center takes just 5 minutes.



Evaluation of the locationPrimary
Vacancy0-9.9% sold
Project stageEarly phase
Track record of the real estate partner>100 Mio. €
Asset classResidential
Bank FinancingYes
Financing structure<60%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


The KVIERREAL group has been active for years in the Viennese real estate market as a project developer and has specialised in the purchase, sale and revitalisation of classic Gründerzeit houses and apartments. The core competence is the development and upgrading of historically grown properties that are aesthetically and economically convincing.

Thanks to sound expertise and the many successfully completed real estate projects, the KVIERREAL group has made a name for itself as a specialist for old buildings.



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