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Buy shares in rental properties, earn monthly rental income and benefit from the increase in the value of your real estate portfolio.
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Invest in real estate like a property owner

With Rendity, you benefit from rental income and growth of property appreciation like a property owner, without having to buy and manage a property yourself.
Receive monthly rental payments
Benefit from property appreciation
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Current investments

Invest in thoroughly vetted real estate projects and build a profitable and digital real estate portfolio within minutes. Here you will find our current investment opportunities in which you can participate easily, directly and without fees.
The acquisition of a tokenized security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

Four steps to your investment

Create an account and receive a starting bonus. Invest with just a few clicks and let your money work for you. Real estate investment from 100 € – easy, fast, profitable!

What will happen to 1.000 € in 5 years?

With savings interest at the bank, 1.000 € will become 1.126 € in 5 years. With Rendity, assuming an annual return of 9.1%, 1.000 € will become 1.546 € after 5 years.
At the bank
Bank interest
2.4% p.a.
Value after 5 years
1.126 €
Assumed interest
9.1% p.a.
Value after 5 years
1.546 €
Security Rendity

Invest with confidence
and unwavering security

Regulated investing in a regulated environment offers investors protection and transparency. Regulated in accordance with the eWPG (electronic securities law) and the WIB (securities information sheet). Transaction security thanks to PCI DSS and PSD2 compliance and with deposit protection up to 100,000 €, we are sending a strong signal for investor protection.

The first choice for real estate investments

Rent and appreciation
Receive regular rental income from fully let existing properties and benefit from the long-term increase in value when selling.
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Secured by land register
Professional real estate management
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