Rendity Growth

Grow your wealth with superior returns

Invest in development projects from experienced real estate developers with high interest rates and short terms.
Key takeaways
Invest in short term real estate projects
Grow your wealth with superior returns
Benefit from the extensive real estate experience our developers


When assessing the real estate developer, we take a close look at the experience, the professional education and reference projects. We also take the number of successfully carried out projects as well as the deal sizes into consideration. As a standard procedure, we demand a credit rating of each developer.

Project Assessment

Central element of the project assessment is the business case and underlying information. We assess whether the input variables of the project calculation are viable and if the assumed sales prices are realistic.

Become a real estate investor

We open the door to the real estate market. Now you have the change to get a real estate investor.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I invest in?
With Rendity Growth you invest in construction projects by experienced real estate developers. Our construction projects can be subdivided into new construction projects and general renovation projects.
What are new construction projects?
New construction projects are buildings that are built from scratch and consist of important key factors such as modern construction techniques, efficient floor plans and the best possible energy efficiency.
What are general renovation projects?
In general renovation projects, existing buildings are comprehensively renovated. This usually includes rehabbing existing units, the extension of the attic floors, the construction of elevators and extensive renovations of the facades and staircases.
Who carries out the construction project?
The construction projects are developed and built by developers. We work together with experienced developers who finance part of their construction project through our platform. Rendity is the mere intermediary of investments in these real estate projects.
When and how do I receive my interest?
The return is paid annually directly to your wallet.
How can I assess projects for opportunities and risks?
Through a due diligence analysis, we decide whether to offer a project on our investment platform to our investors. Above all, we consider important factors such as project calculation and location. For this project evaluation, we have a 20-point criteria catalog. More info:
What advantages does Rendity Growth offer?
Rendity Growth offers real estate investments that fit in with your growth strategy. Invest in short-term construction projects and get superior returns every year.
What are the costs for me?
As an investor you do not bear any costs, your investments via our platform are completely free of charge for you.
Does Rendity Growth fit with my investment strategy?
There is the right investment product for every investment horizon and every risk profile. Please answer the following questions and get a free assessment of your potential investment strategy.