Real-time JSON API for all Rendity projects.


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The Rendity API provides you with all the information about our real estate projects. With this documentation you'll learn how to access relevant data about the real estate projects on https://rendity.com such as funding aim, return, duration etc.

Interactive Documentation

You will be able to try out the API's features as you go through the documentation below.

Easy-to-integrate API

Delivered in portable JSON format for maximum usability, ease of integration, and compatibility with any of your applications.


Ensure secure and encrypted datastreams by connecting to the API via 256-bit HTTPS


In order to access the API you need to pass public key and hash key with every request. You can get these keys from the Rendity support team.

                Example Keys
                      “public_key”: "pub-iGdVNkvH5Dfmoqq",
                      “public_hash”: “5ebf7b45af9676d1c13abcf96b16e34fbeca857c109d61f74d360f8a41186445”

API Endpoints

The Rendity API offers up to 3 endpoints, all of which provide different kinds of data. Below you will find a short summary of all available endpoints. You can access project details by using following URLs.

URL Detail
https://rendity.com/api/projects Get details of all projects
https://rendity.com/api/projects/PROJECT_KEY Get details of any specific project.

PROJECT_KEY is the unique key of each project.
It can be found at the end of the project URL
e.g. https://rendity.com/investment/may22
https://rendity.com/api/projects/current Get details of all open projects

All responses are delivered in lightweight JSON Format. Just make a request using one of those URLs, and let our API do the rest.

API Error Codes

If your request fails, the Rendity API will return "status" = 0, a 3-digit error-code and a plain text "response" property containing suggestions for the user.

Example Error

Find below an example error, triggered when there is currently no open project to invest.

                    "response":"No current project found."
Code Description
201 This error code occurs if the request is fetching all projects, but there are no projects.
203 Invalid UniqueKey of project.
204 There is no current project right now which is open for investments.
400 The request didn't call an endpoint.
401 Authenciation failure message which means the authentication was not successful.
404 The requested method was not found because the requested endpoint is not supported.


Below is an example of how data can be accessed via the Rendity API.




    "status": 1,
    "code": 200,
    "data": [
	        "UniqueKey": "may22",
	        "Status": "OPEN",
	        "Name": "Mayssengasse 22",
	        "Url": "https://rendity.com/investment/may22",
	        "Category": "GROWTH",
	        "Return": "6.75",
	        "Duration": "24",
	        "Distribution": "Yearly",
	        "FundingAim": "600000.00",
	        "FundingAchieved": "72000.00",
	        "FundingStartDate": "2019-04-10",
	        "FundingEndDate": "2019-06-19",
	        "Region": "Vienna, AUT",
	        "HighLightText": {
		        "EN": "9 newly constructed penthouses and 15 renovated apartments",
		        "DE": "9 neu errichtete Dachgeschosswohnungen sowie 15 generalsanierte Altbauwohnungen"
	        "Images": []

Response Properties

Rendity API results are delivered in JSON format for maximum usability. Find below descriptions for the JSON properties returned by the API.

Property Type Description
status Boolean If your request fails, the Rendity API will return 0 otherwise 1.
code Integer If your request fails, the Rendity API will return a 3-digit error-code.
response String Details about the occured error.
UniqueKey String This is the unique key of each project. It can be found at the end of the project URL e.g. https://rendity.com/investment/may22
Status OPEN
The status of the project.
Name String This is the project name.
Url String The link to the investment page of the project.
Category GROWTH
Differentiating both of our investment products: Rendity Income (rental reatl estate) and Rendity Growth (development projects)
Return Double The project's interest rate.
Duration Integer The term of an investment.
Distribution Quarterly
Final maturity
Payout distribution.
FundingAim Double This is the required financing volume.
FundingAchieved Double This is the amount that has already been invested in the project.
FundingStartDate Date Date on which the subscription period for this project started.
FundingEndDate Date Date on which the subscription period for this project was closed.
Region String City and country of the project.
HighLightText Object Short description text for the project.
Images String The links to the individual images of the project are transmitted here.

Code Examples

Find below an example for how to access the latest Rendity projects:

  • PHP (CURL)
  • Javascript
  • Python
$parameters = [];

$parameters["public_key"] = "pub-iGdVNkvH5Dfmoqq";
$parameters["public_hash"] = "5ebf7b45af9676d1c13abcf96b16e34fbeca857c109d61f74d360f8a41186445";

$query = http_build_query($parameters);

$url = "https://rendity.com/api/projects/?".$query;

//  Initiate curl
$ch = curl_init();
// Will return the response, if false it print the response
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
// Set the url
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
// Execute

// get connection information
$CurlInfo = curl_getinfo($ch);

// Closing

if ($CurlInfo["http_code"] == 404) {
  // Requested resource url not found on server.
  echo "404. Page not found.";
  } else {
    // API is in JSON format so we convert json to array.
    $Data = json_decode($result, true);
    // check API response don't have any error message.
    if ($Data["status"] == 0) {
        // API return error.
        $ErrorCode = $Data["code"];

        // Error message collected from response index
        $Message = $Data["response"];
    } else {
        // Get projects list from data index
        $Projects = $Data["data"];

        // iterate through projects array
        foreach($Projects as $Project){
            // fetch detail of each project
            // Name & HighLightText is utf8_encoded. so better decode first before using it.
            echo "Project: ".utf8_decode($Project["Name"]);
            echo "HighLightText Text: ".utf8_decode($Project["HighLightText"]["DE"]);
            echo "Duration: ".$Project["Duration"];
const Http = new XMLHttpRequest();
var url = "https://rendity.com/api/projects/";
var params = "public_key=pub-iGdVNkvH5Dfmoqq&public_hash=5ebf7b45af9676d1c13abcf96b16e34fbeca857c109d61f74d360f8a41186445";

Http.open("GET", url + "?" + params, true);
Http.onreadystatechange= function() {
  if(this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
    var resp = JSON.parse(Http.responseText);
    if(resp["status"] == 0) {
  	window.alert("Error Code: "+resp["status"]+" Response:"+resp["response"]);
  	var projects = resp["data"];
  	var projectstr = "";
  	for(var i = 0 ; i < projects.length; i++) {
  		projectstr += projects[i]["Name"];
  		projectstr += "Duration: " + projects[i]["Duration"];
  		projectstr += "Return: " + projects[i]["Return"]+"%";
import requests

query = "public_key=pub-iGdVNkvH5Dfmoqq&public_hash=5ebf7b45af9676d1c13abcf96b16e34fbeca857c109d61f74d360f8a41186445"

url = "https://rendity.com/api/projects/"

resp = requests.get(url+"?"+query).json()
if resp["status"] == 0:
	print("Error Code: "+ resp["code"]+ " Message: " + resp["response"])
	for project in resp['data']:
		print("ProjectName: "+ project['Name'])
		print("Duration: "+ project['Duration'])
		print("Return: "+ project['Return']+ "%")



  • Implement Authentication
  • Create "Project" endpoints
  • Configure 256-bit HTTPS encryption for web hooks
  • Deploy Rendity API documentation