Rendity Income

Rental Properties

Return up to 4% p.a.
Duration 3-7 Years
Resell after 24 Months
Distribution quarterly

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Rental Properties

Starting from €1,000 you can invest in rental properties without any hidden fees or service charges!

Rental Income and appreciation

We offer a quarterly distribution of rental income and the possibility of appreciation in case of disposal.

More flexibility
for your investment

After 24 months you may offer your investment to other investors and you'll get your capital back.


Rendity gives you the opportunity to invest in handpicked rental properties.
When assessing the properties, we especially focus on the location, the rentability and potential of appreciation.


The location of a property is of vital importance for its marketing and its rentability. A central location combined with good traffic access increases sustainability. In today’s world, excellent accessibility to public transport – preferably in close vicinity to the Metro – is a necessity. Another important factor is the infrastructure in the surrounding neighborhoods such as local supplies, schools and leisure activities.


To produce a steady rental income the rentability is a key factor to reduce vacancies. In addition to the location one must also take the size and furnishing of the rental properties into consideration. Due to demographic changes in the past, apartments with a size between 40m² and 60m² are especially easy to rent out, as they are targeting the largest group of potential tenants.


Rapid growth in population and demographic changes lead to increased demand in affordable housing. Take Vienna for instance: according to Statistik Austria roughly 2 million people will live in Vienna by 2023. In 2015 Vienna grew by 45,000 inhabitants. Despite strong activity in the residential real estate industry, there still seems to be substantial gap between demand and supply of housing. One can expect with some certainty that real estate will appreciate in the near future. Additionally, rental properties offer some protection against inflation, as most rental contracts are indexed to inflation.

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