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Create your account, verify yourself with your smartphone and buy your first real estate shares. Invest from €100 and benefit from monthly rental income and the appreciation. Your shares are secured in the land register and can be traded flexibly.

5 minutes to your first investment

Create your account in just a few clicks and verify yourself with your smartphone. Identification is required by law to detect and prevent money laundering. After successful registration, all our investment products are available to you.
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Create an account in just a few minutes
Register with your email address and create your profile.
Discover the right property for your portfolio
Whether residential or commercial, whether Vienna or Berlin, there is something for everyone.
Invest from €100 and receive monthly rental income
Invest with just one click. From €100 you invest with us like property owner.
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Your first investment from €100

Discover the various properties and choose the one that suits you. In the detailed project descriptions, you will find financial figures, securities, and ongoing updates on the latest events, such as incoming rental payments or newly agreed rental contracts.
  • Selecting the right property
  • Invest from €100
  • Receive Ongoing Updates

Rent and Repayment

Benefit from regular rental distributions and steadily expand your secured portfolio. After the specified minimum holding period, you and other investors have the opportunity to vote on the sale of the property. Upon sale, you will immediately benefit from the property's appreciation.
  • Monthly rental income
  • Direct Participation in Value Appreciation
  • Flexible buying and selling at the exchange
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Success in the real estate market
We draw on a solid expertise and experience in the real estate industry. Since 2015, we have brokered over €165 million and successfully financed more than 260 projects with a total value of over €10 billion.
Real estate
Benefit from the real estate market, receive monthly rental income, and directly participate in the appreciation. We handle property management and keep you updated.
Investment environment
The European Central Bank's strategy of raising interest rates has created a unique investment opportunity in the real estate sector. This new environment offers investors the most attractive conditions in many years.
Your real estate shares can be traded flexibly and in real time. On our exchange, you can buy or sell your shares at any time, regardless of fixed terms.
Your real estate shares are secured by an entry in the land register. As an investor, you enjoy the security of an owner, as your investment is also registered in the land register.
Tax-optimized investing
Regular investment returns are subject to capital gains tax (KESt), providing tax benefits. Tax payments are handled by us.
To make real estate shares tradable, physical assets are tokenized. This revolutionizes the conversion of real assets into digital securities through advanced blockchain technology.

Become a real estate investor

Invest in real estate with Rendity and build your digital real estate portfolio in just a few minutes with our investment products. Here you will find our current investment opportunities in which you can participate easily, directly and without fees.

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