Trade your real estate

Trade your share of real estate flexibly and in real time. Buy or sell your real estate shares independently of the term on the exchange.

Buy and sell your real estate shares

Our exchange offers maximum flexibility: Sell your real estate shares at any time for immediate liquidity or buy shares to expand and diversify your portfolio.
  • Maximum flexibility in project duration through the exchange
  • Quick liquidity through simple share sale
  • Broad risk diversification through extensive portfolio
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Benefit from the exchange
On our exchange, you have the opportunity to acquire shares directly and easily from other investors or sell your own shares to them.
Sell Anytime
The ability to sell shares at any time on the exchange allows investors to quickly respond to personal financial needs. This way you always have control over your financial resources and portfolio.
Optimal Diversification
Benefit from an attractive investment environment and high demand on our exchange. Secure additional returns through value appreciation when purchasing your real estate shares.
Liquides Asset
The exchange transforms traditionally illiquid real estate into liquid assets. Investors can now quickly buy and sell real estate shares. This new flexibility allows for capital to be utilized according to your preferences.
Secured by land registry
On our exchange, all investments are secured by land register. You therefore enjoy the advantage of this comprehensive security similar to a direct property owner.
Tax-optimized investing
On our exchange, returns from investments are subject to capital gains tax (CGT), which can offer tax advantages. We take care of the entire tax process so you don't have to worry about tax details.
The blockchain technology enables the transformation of real estate into tradable tokens. These digital units facilitate fast and secure transactions, making real estate trading as accessible as stock trading.
Exchange is launching soon
Exchange is launching soon

The exchange will be activated a few weeks after the first issuance. Once the real estate project is initially financed, the purchase will be finalized, registered in the land register, and the tokens will be created. After completing these steps, the project can be traded on the exchange.

Start profiting from day one
Start profiting from day one

Until the exchange launches, you have the opportunity to invest directly in projects and benefit from rental income and appreciation from the start. Invest in carefully vetted real estate and build a profitable and digital real estate portfolio.

To the projects

Become a real estate investor

Invest in real estate with Rendity and build your digital real estate portfolio in just a few minutes with our investment products. Here you will find our current investment opportunities in which you can participate easily, directly and without fees.

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