Be a part of real estate

Purchase shares in rented properties, earn monthly rental income, and benefit from the appreciation of your real estate portfolio.

Build your real estate portfolio

Build your digital real estate portfolio with fully leased existing properties. We take care of the rental, you receive monthly rental income.
  • Profitable through rental income and appreciation
  • Trade flexible shares on the secondary market
  • Secured in the land register
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Secured in the land register
We offer transparent investment opportunities without surprises through carefully vetted real estate. Benefit from consistent growth and increasing profitability of your portfolio.
Rental income
Receive monthly rental income directly to your account and benefit from fully rented properties with stable rents. We take care of the rental and management of the property, so you have no hassle with your investment.
Seize the current opportunity of an attractive rental market and generate additional income through appreciation upon property sale. Over an extended period, real estate demonstrates high value stability.
Trade your share of real estate flexibly and in real time. Buy or sell your real estate shares independent of term on our exchange.
Secured by land register
For your real estate shares, a security will be entered in the land register. The purchase of a property is accompanied by entry in the land register. Investing like an owner means that your investment is also secured in the land register.
Tax-optimized investing
The ongoing returns of your investment are subject to capital gains tax (CGT), providing tax benefits. Rendity automatically handles the payment of the tax, so our investors don't have to worry about anything.
To participate in a portion of real estate and make these shares tradable, real assets must be represented as digital tokens. This process is called tokenization and represents the digital securitization of assets using blockchain technology.

Become a real estate investor

Invest in real estate with Rendity and build your digital real estate portfolio within minutes using our investment products. Check out our current investment opportunities where you can participate easily, directly, and fee-free.

Tokenized participation certificates: Join the future of real estate
Exclusive advantages at Rendity Property
Invest in real estate-backed shares in rented properties in prime locations and receive regular rental income and long-term value appreciation. Trade your shares easily on the secondary market and benefit long-term from value appreciation upon sale.

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