What data do I need to provide when signing up?
Why do I have to sign up to see all the details of the listed projects?
How do you protect my data and privacy?
How do I get the refer-a-friend bonus?
How do I get the startup bonus?
Which document do I have to upload for bank account verification?
What is an Investor-Wallet?
What is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)?
What happens, if the minimum funding amount is not achieved?
What are the different payments in my wallet?
How is my interest income taxable?
Why do I have to either upload a bank statement, a bank transfer confirmation or a photo of my debit card?
How do I get a tax certificate?
How can I withdraw my funds?
I want to register with my company - is it possible?
How can I find out more about projects?
How can I better assess a potential project in terms of opportunity and risk?
How does the Rendity Rating help me with my investment decision?
Who can invest on the Rendity platform?
How I can withdraw my investment?
Which rights and obligations do I have as investor?
What scenario can cause me to suffer losses?
What does KYC stand for?
Why do I have to enter my bank account information?
Why doesn't the project developer finance himself exclusively with a bank loan? Especially now with the low interest rates?
Does the developer have to expect a higher administrative effort after the funding?
How does Rendity differ from other crowdinvesting platforms?
Which references are available?
How long does it take until my project goes online?
What happens to my contribution?
Who manages the fund?
What is the risk?
What if the real estate market crashes?
What happens in case of delay of a project?
What does "funded successfully" mean for already completed offerings?
What is Crowdinvesting?
What is a subordinated loan?
Can the investment be compared to a real estate fund?
How do we select our real estate projects?
How much does it cost to use Rendity?
What kind of investments does Rendity offer?
Who manages and leases the rental properties?
How is the return determined?
Why is the return significantly higher than with conventional forms of investment?
What is the duration of an investment?
Will I be able to withdraw my money before the end of the project?
What is Rendity?
What do I get for my money?
When do the investors receive returns?