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Project Presentation

The "Zinshäuser Gera" project is a portfolio of a total of 4 multi-storey apartment buildings and one condominium with a total of 17 existing units on a total usable floor space of 1,256 m². In total, 94% of the portfolio properties are used for residential purposes and 6% for commercial purposes. The apartment buildings have an average occupancy rate of 76% and currently generate a net annual rent of 60,000 €.

In the course of the Gera apartment buildings project, parts of the capital invested are to be refinanced, the properties optimized and one of the properties completely renovated.

The properties are located in the heart of Germany in Gera. The houses are conveniently located throughout and surrounded by all amenities for daily needs. This project involves four multi-story Gründerzeit houses and one condominium built around 1900. As part of the project, 4 units are scheduled to be renovated and one unit will be core renovated. The start of the core renovation has taken place in the 1st quarter of 2022 and the completion is planned in the 2nd quarter of 2023.


Welcome to Gera

Gera is located in the eastern part of Germany in Thuringia and is designated as an independent city. The nearest major city, Leipzig, can be reached in about 60 kilometers and with a driving time of one hour. Gera is the third largest city in Thuringia with a current population of about 93,900. Due to the award by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as the most child-friendly city in Germany, many families with children settle in the small town. In the middle of the 19th century, the city experienced a large economic and population growth. Magnificent buildings and imposing town villas are reminders of Gera's heyday during the Gründerzeit. Today, 40 technology companies from various fields such as medical technology, microtechnology, software and optics are located in Gera. The city forest in Gera offers residents a high quality of life.

Microlocation Gera

The Issuer's properties are located in the city center and are largely surrounded by kindergartens, schools, high schools, educational institutions and universities. The Gera Botanical Garden was founded in 1897 and is located near the properties. Due to the two springs originating there, the Botanical Garden is often used as a recreational area. Ostersein Castle is located outside Gera and can be reached in a few minutes by car. The castle was built around 1200 and is nowadays used for numerous events and cabarets.

Discover the surroundings

The properties are located in prime locations and are ideally connected to the public transportation network. With the help of the train station in Gera, residents can reach the main major cities in the vicinity. Gera's main train station is the most important station in the Thuringian city. Within an hour you can reach the center of the major Saxon city of Leipzig. Gera is a district-free city and, due to the city's formative history, it is just as much a classic tourist or excursion destination.

Birthplace of Otto Dix

At Mohrenplatz 4, in the immediate vicinity of the properties, is the listed birthplace of the painter Otto Dix. The house was built in the 18th century and is called the birthplace of Otto Dix, as he was born in the historic building on December 2, 1891. Since 1991, the building has been an art museum, exhibiting works of art by the artist on two floors. The exhibitions include drawings, oil paintings and prints. Other artists also exhibit in the house where Otto Dix was born.

Gera Botanical Garden

The Gera Botanical Garden was founded in 1897. To this day, the garden is a unique retreat for young and old. Its two springs, which originate there, characterize the park and create a unique atmosphere on the ¾ hectare site. The garden also includes a late classicist garden house with a tower. Plant lovers will get their money's worth here, as the botanical garden offers a large-scale plant world and a total of seven habitats are presented here.

Gera Caves

Gera is known for its system of man-made Geraer Höhler (Gera caves), which can be found under almost every house in the old town. The custom dates back to 1487, when the brewing right was already regulated. Everyone who owned a house in Gera had a brewing and dispensing right. The caves were built by professional miners. Nowadays, the caves are used for parties and other entertainment purposes. The cabaret Fettnäppchen is located in one of Gera's caves.

Theater Altenburg Gera

The Theater in Gera is a five-section theater that resulted from a merger of the Landestheater Altenburg and the Bühnen der Stadt Gera. In Gera, plays are staged in a total of four houses. The big house, the stage at the park, the puppet theater and the theater FABRIK in a sound hall in Gera. In the Theater Altenburg Gera performances are held regularly and tickets can be purchased online by visitors.

Osterstein Castle

Osterstein Castle is an ideal place for a day trip in Gera and its surroundings. The castle is located on the so-called Hainberg. Osterstein Castle was built in the 13th century and was largely destroyed during an air raid in World War 2. The 21 meter high keep can still be seen today and is often used as a lookout tower. Events are held on the castle grounds. It is also possible to rent the castle for weddings, functions and other events of all kinds.

Gera Waterfall

The Gera waterfalls were formed by the confluence of the Geratser Ach and the Kranzegger Bach. Just outside the town there are two small waterfalls. Hikers can find peace here and enjoy the idyllic location in the forest area of Gera.



Zinshaus Gera 2 GmbH is a subsidiary of Zinshaus Gera 1 GmbH. The real estate company is an experienced expert in the field of construction and renovation. Zinshaus Gera 1 GmbH also has extensive experience in the field of real estate and project development. The company impresses with an impressive portfolio of numerous properties. The company already has many years of experience with existing properties as well as extensive expertise in the development and renovation of residential properties.

The issuer's real estate portfolio is located almost exclusively in the D.A.CH. - region.

Zinshaus Gera 2 GmbH

Zinshaus Gera 2 GmbH