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The "Weseler Strasse" property is an almost fully let residential and commercial building in the north of Duisburg. The property has a total usable space of 2,471m² and comprises 23 residential units and 4 commercial units. The property is rented out except for two residential units and currently generates € 178,500 in annual rental income (as of August 2019). Due to the low actual rents compared to the Duisburg average, there is an attractive development potential for new leases. The property is continuously maintained, therefore no investments beyond regular maintenance are expected in the near future. A large commercial unit on the ground floor was not generally renovated until 2018.


Duisburg is a large city with almost half a million inhabitants in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. It lies at the mouth of the Ruhr into the Rhine and is the fifth largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Historically characterised by the coal and steel industry, Duisburg is currently undergoing a process of change towards a city that is increasingly concentrating on the production of high-tech products. Duisburg is connected to the global economic network via the Duisburg-Ruhrorter Häfen, the world's largest inland port, as part of the new Silk Road.

Development of rental prices in Duisburg (per m²)

In recent years the attainable rents in Duisburg have grown continuously. Small apartments (30m²) still cost 6€/m² in 2011. In 2018 it was already over 7€/m². A similar growth, albeit at a lower starting level, was recorded for rents in larger apartments.


Duisburg is an independent city, located at the mouth of the Ruhr and Rhine rivers. It is located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with a total of around ten million inhabitants. The city belongs to both the Lower Rhine (region) and the Ruhr area and is located in the administrative district of Düsseldorf. With almost half a million inhabitants, it is the fifth largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Essen.

Historically, Duisburg is characterized by the iron and steel industry and still produces one third of the pig iron produced in Germany. With the decline of the coal and steel industry, steel production and metal processing in Duisburg has increasingly focused on the manufacture of high-tech products in recent years.

Local logistics as one of the hubs of Central Europe are an important economic sector for the city within the Ruhr area but also in the center of the European economic area. For example, the Duisburg-Ruhrort ports, at the mouth of the Ruhr into the Rhine, are the largest inland port in Europe. With a total area of 10 km², the area of the actual port stretches from the port basins at the mouth of the Ruhr along the Rhine up to Duisburg-Rheinhausen.


Many years of real estate and financing experience in Germany

All in all, the management of the BDRE Group, consisting of the owner Mr. Till Brauner and Mr. Thorsten Sowada as Managing Director, has many years of experience in the real estate and financial sector.

Till Brauner entered the Berlin real estate business ten years ago and was co-founder of a successful development company. In 2017 he sold his shares to establish BDRE as a venture capital group and to expand his acquired knowledge and use it in a more complex way. He was already able to live out his passion for new things and the challenges they posed in his earlier professional career. For four years he was responsible for sales in parts of Eastern Europe for a large German car manufacturer. As Vice-President, he built up the importer in Dubai and then lived in Moscow for five years as Director, where he repositioned the brand and drove it to new heights. Born in Bavaria and living in many places around the world, he sees himself as a representative of the Bavarian way of life "A word is a word and does not need paper" in the team and generally enjoys the internationality of the people. As the owner, he is responsible for the international expansion of the group, the development of new business areas.

The co-founder, managing director and "foreign minister" of the BDRE Group is always on hand worldwide wherever there is an interest in German real estate investments. As a true "Berliner", he sees himself not only as senior partner of the BDRE Group for the operative business and the Family & Friends investors, but rather as an ambassador for Berlin. No matter where in the world he sits at the table with investors, in the end Thorsten Sowada never misses the opportunity to invite everyone personally for a currywurst at his favourite Berlin sausage counter on Ku'damm. The marketing and network specialist opened Potsdamer Platz with his agency, organized the festive opera gala of the German AIDS foundation for over 10 years and opened the largest German Mercedes-Benz dealership to date. After a request to take over the support of an automobile manufacturer in Russia, the cosmopolitan did not hesitate for long, opened a branch in Moscow and managed to present local and international companies on unknown territory with well thought-out live communication.

BDRE Group

BDRE Group

Till Brauner
Till Brauner
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