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Vorstadtl 11



6.5% p.a.


24 months

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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The project "Vorstadtl 11" is a new construction project in which 2 buildings with a total of 16 residential units and a floor space of 1,646 m² will be built. The development project is in a good location in the municipality of Ebreichsdorf in the district of Baden near Vienna and offers generous terraces and balconies. An underground car park with 27 parking spaces will also be built. The residential units of the project have already been successfully sold 100% to two investors.

The property is surrounded by all important amenities for daily needs and has excellent connections due to its proximity to the center of Ebreichsdorf. The Ebreichsdorf train station can be reached on foot in a few minutes, which means that the city of Vienna can be reached within a few minutes. Furthermore, the south freeway is only a few minutes away, which means that the city center of Vienna can be reached in 20 minutes by car.

Planning permission has already been granted and construction is scheduled to begin in the 1st quarter of 2021. Completion is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2022.

Deal Highlights

100% of the project already sold

The new building project has already been sold in its entirety to two investors. Construction work will start in the 1st quarter of 2021 and is expected to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2022.

Attractive interest rates - 6.50% annual payout

Investors receive an annual interest rate of 6.50% on their invested capital. The interest is distributed to the investors every year. The invested capital is repaid to the investors at the end of the maximum term of 24 months.

Security through parent company liability

There is a liability in the form of a hard letter of comfort in the amount of the loan amount issued by the parent company VMF Capital Invest GmbH.

Optimal space utilization & high-quality equipment

A total of 16 exclusive residential units with a floor space of 1,646 m² are being built in a residential complex where great importance was attached to a modern, attractive and contemporary architecture. Special attention was paid to the modern façade and floor plans optimized for different target groups.

Sought-after location in the municipality of Ebreichsdorf near Vienna

Ebreichsdorf is located in the sought-after bacon belt of Vienna and offers its residents the best of both worlds thanks to excellent transport connections: The big city in front of your feet and the quiet feeling of life in the country.

Design and implementation of the project by experienced real estate developers

VMF Immo Group is a family business from Brunn am Gebirge / Lower Austria with tradition. Over the past few years, the Voithofer family has earned a reputation as a partner in real estate projects with handshake quality through VMF Immobilien. Several successfully completed projects and a network of long-standing, renowned partners and companies speak for continuity and trust.

Investment Case

The borrower is the owner of the property with the land register address Vorstadtl 11 in 2483 Ebreichsdorf. The new building project consists of two structures with a total of 16 apartments plus balconies, gardens and terraces with a living space of 1,360 m². An underground garage with 27 parking spaces is also being built.

The property has been acquired, the planning phase has been completed and the building permit has already been issued. Construction work is scheduled to begin in the 1st quarter of 2021, so that it is expected to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2022. The sale of the residential units has already been successfully concluded, as all apartments have been sold to two investors.

Annual distributions:

During the term, the lender will receive an annual distribution of 6.50%.

Short term:

The lender receives its invested capital back after the sale of the apartments. According to the plan, this is to take place after a maximum of 24 months.


Land (incl. service charges)
1.398.800 €
Construction costs incl. fees
3.885.111 €
Total digestion
78.386 €
194.255 €
77.702 €
Service charges
107.596 €
97.127 €
financing costs
220.954 €
Total investment costs
6.059.931 €
Sales revenues
6.971.982 €
912.051 €

Finance Structure


Explore the surroundings

The municipality of Ebreichsdorf is home to a wide range of leisure and recreation areas as well as various local suppliers for daily needs. For a shopping trip, the largest shopping center in Austria, the Shopping City Süd or also called SCS, can be reached in a few minutes by car. Ebreichsdorf has a first-class connection to Vienna through the A2 freeway, which is easily accessible from the Vorstadtl 11. The popularity of Ebreichsdorf is based on the best of two worlds, the proximity to the city and the flair of the quiet suburb with a farmers' market at weekends.

Shopping City South

The SCS is located about 20 minutes from Ebreichsdorf. The largest shopping center in Austria has been in existence since 1976 and is also one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. On more than 192,500 m² of retail space, the SCS offers space for more than 300 business, gastronomy and entertainment operations and also houses its own cinema. With 10,000 parking spaces, the SCS is primarily geared to car traffic and enjoys great popularity even beyond the borders of Germany. Every year more than 23 million visitors from Austria to Hungary and Slovakia visit the SCS and it offers a unique brand selection and shopping experience.

Lake Neufeld

The Neufelder See with its beach offers ideal conditions for sunny and relaxing days. Swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, fishing, a lively beach volleyball game, inline skating or streetball for our kids, children's entertainment for the little ones, all this is offered by the lake resort at Lake Neufeldersee. At the Neufelder See is always busy. In the morning the divers are already cavorting in the water to explore the abandoned and flooded mine.

Ebreichsdorf Golf Club

The exclusive 18-hole course is situated in a castle park with a beautiful old tree population. The fairways, framed by chestnut avenues, interrupted by watercourses and ponds are variedly modelled, the course is overall wonderfully flat. The spacious practice facilities are probably among the largest in Austria and, like the golf course, can be played all year round, weather permitting. The clubhouse was built in 1988 by the famous architect Prof. Hans Hollein and offers golfers the amenities of a modern, exclusive ambience.

Ebreichsdorf Castle

The proven origin of this old fortress, strategically protected in swamps, dates back to the late Babenberg period around the middle of the 13th century. At that time, it was the Mongols who overran the borders of the empire from the east and reached Vienna, and in later centuries, the borderland to Hungary was also the scene of repeated conquests from the east. The fortress of Ebreichsdorf had to surrender to the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus in 1480, as well as to the Turkish army Suleiman the Magnificent in 1529.

Magna Racino

The Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf on the outskirts of Vienna is an ideal destination for a family outing with its numerous horse sport events. On selected weekend days either rapid trotting and gallop racing are the center of attention or varied riding sport. tournaments in jumping, dressage, in addition, in Voltigieren - simplified explained as gymnastics on the horse - stand on approximately 20 weekends per year on the meeting calendar additionally to the 11 running days. Families are welcome guests at Magna Racino! On race days there is the possibility to enjoy an exclusive brunch in the panoramic restaurant with a view of the racetrack, where professional child care is provided. Guided tours through the extensive area are of course also possible



Development StageNew Construction
Track RecordMore than € 250 million developed
Asset TypeResidential
Duration18-36 months
Existing Bank FinancingYes
Pre Sales>20%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


VMF Immo Group is a family business from Brunn am Gebirge / Lower Austria with tradition. Over the past few years, the Voithofer family has earned a reputation as a partner in real estate projects with handshake quality through VMF Immobilien. Several successfully completed projects and a network of long-standing, renowned partners and companies speak for continuity and trust.

"We attach great importance to high-quality architecture in the best locations. Modernity and functionality are the main focus. We accompany all our construction projects from the planning stage through the construction phase to the turnkey handover".

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