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Selchowstraße 33



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24 months

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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The project "Selchowstraße 33" is a well-preserved residential building in the middle of the popular Berlin district Adlershof. The property is located in the popular Adlershof old town and consists of a total of 8 residential units with a total usable floor space of 761 m².

Due to its enormous economic and social upswing, the trendy Adlershof district is in great demand among Berliners and international residents alike. In the course of the settlement of + 1,000 companies in Adlershof and a renowned university, students as well as employees of the respective companies moved in. The combination of science/business and the greenery in the surrounding area are what make this place so special.

The property has already been purchased with outside capital and equity. Work is currently underway to establish condominium ownership, which will be completed by the end of 2020. Starting in 2021, a renowned brokerage firm will then begin selling the individual apartments at market prices. It is expected that the realisation will be completed by the 2nd quarter of 2022 at the latest.

Deal Highlights

Fourreal: Long-term partner of Rendity with already 4 successful repayments

The project developer Fourreal has already financed 6 successful projects with the help of the Rendity Investor Community. Of these, 4 projects with a volume of EUR 780,000 have been repaid to the investors.

Security through guarantee of the parent company

There is a liability in the form of a hard letter of comfort in the amount of the loan amount issued by the parent company fourreal GmbH.

Attractive interest rates - 6.50% annual payout

Investors receive an annual return of 6.50% on their invested capital. The interest is distributed to the investors each year. The invested capital is repaid to the investors at the end of the term of a maximum of 24 months.

Rendity Instant interest rate

Investors receive immediate interest from the time they pay in their investment, which is paid out at the end of the subscription period. With the immediate interest rate, investors receive interest on their invested capital not only for the loan term, but also for the time before. This means that investors also receive interest on their investment during the subscription period. The accrued immediate yield interest is paid out to the Wallet after the end of the subscription period.

Germany as an investment location

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and in recent years has developed into the second largest real estate investment market in the world. In addition to national investors, there is now an increasing number of international investors who have confidence in Germany as a business location.

Conception and implementation of the project by Fourreal

fourreal is a well-known real estate developer in the Vienna area. Their expertise includes the complete organizational and commercial handling of projects related to real estate development, apartment building development, redevelopment & real estate financing.

Investment Case

For the purpose of partially financing the equity capital used, fourreal Zeta GmbH & Co KG intends to take up qualified subordinated loans of a maximum of € 300.000.

The borrower is the land registry owner of the property at Selchowstrasse 33, Adlershof Berlin. The property has already been purchased with debt and equity. Work is currently underway to establish condominium ownership, which will be completed by the end of 2020. In the first quarter of 2021, a renowned brokerage firm will then begin selling the individual apartments at market prices. It is expected that the sale will be completed by the 2nd quarter of 2022 at the latest.

Annual distributions

During the term of the loan, the lender receives an annual distribution of 6.50%.

Short term

The lender receives his invested capital back after the sale of the apartments. According to the plan, this should take place after 24 months.


Acquisition price of the property
1.175.000 €
Execution of the sales contract
11.000 €
Bank handling fee
10.000 €
Registration fee
5.900 €
Real estate transfer tax
70.500 €
Expert opinion
2.600 €
47.000 €
38.000 €
Total investment
1.360.000 €
Expected sales proceeds
1.580.000 €
Gross profit
220.000 €

Finance Structure


Adlershof is a Berlin district in the Treptow district. The district Berlin-Adlershof is bordered by the Hermann-Dorner-Allee in the east, the outer border of the Kölnische Heide, the regional railway line in the east and the Teltowkanal in the south. In some places, Adlershof has a suburban character - albeit dwindling - with old trees, front gardens and green inner courtyards. In addition to numerous housing estates, there are some unrenovated old buildings, but also new buildings with generously dimensioned window areas. Most of the buildings are two to four-storey, some of them have been slightly raised.

Adlershof is considered to be Berlin's science location. Besides various institutions and companies for science, technology and media, there is also a campus of the Humboldt University. During the day you can feel the departure, in the evenings and on weekends it gets quite quiet - despite the new student village.

With around 1,000 companies, 16 scientific institutions, two business incubators, over 16,000 employees and around 6,700 students, Adlershof is today the largest science, business and media location in Berlin.

The Adlershof condominium market grew 9.9% over the previous year. According to the latest surveys, 53 percent of Adlershof's residents live in an apartment alone. Ten years ago, the figure was 47 percent. 32 percent of residents live in a household with two people, 15 percent live together with two or more people. Ten years ago, the figure was 18 percent.

Explore the neighbourhood

The direct surroundings also offer all the local amenities that make up a good residential area: Kaufland, fashion shops, a bank, a pharmacy and restaurants. Not to forget: The 66 hectare large, beautiful landscape park. Simply perfect for the lunch break! Adlershofe has many advantages. The biggest one: The connection! Perfectly located in the "airport corridor" between the city centre and the future airport BER. Best accessibility via the A113 motorway and public transport: The "Adlershof" S-Bahn station is 300 m away, tram and bus are right outside the door.

Technology Park Adlershof

Berlin Adlershof is Germany's largest science and technology park and Berlin's largest media location - embedded in an overall urban development concept. 1,203 companies and scientific institutions with 23,500 employees operate in an area of 4.2 km². In addition there are about 6,458 students and 788 trainees. Adlershof is not just a place of work. Single-family homes, rental and owner-occupied apartments, townhouses and student apartments have been built. In 2019, around 4,000 people were already living in the Adlershof development area. Further residential developments are under development.

Köpenick Castle

The castle is located opposite the Köpenick town centre with the Köpenick town hall on an island in the Dahme, not far from where it flows into the Spree. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge over the moat. In the immediate vicinity is the Lange Brücke (Long Bridge), which as a Dahme crossing connects the old town of Köpenick as well as the castle island and the castle with the newer districts to the west and northwest and the centre of Berlin.


The Spree is a river and crosses Berlin. Information, course, locks and how it influences life in Berlin. The Spree is an almost 400 kilometre long river in the east of Germany. The partly canalized river flows about 46 kilometers through the capital.

Shopping centre Adlershofer Tor

The Adlershofer Tor shopping centre opened in August 2003 and is also known as Kaufland Adlershof. The shopping center also houses fashion and shoe fashion stores as well as gastronomy facilities.



VacancyPartially leased
Development StageManagement
Track RecordMore than € 250 million developed
Asset TypeResidential
Duration18-36 months
Existing Bank FinancingYes
Pre Sales0-9,9%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


Fourreal meets the challenge of contemporary space creation with the new construction or revitalisation of high-quality residential properties. When it comes to real material assets, Fourreal is the right contact. Since its foundation, the focus has been on project realisations in inner-city areas as well as on the development of living space in locations with a special quality of life. In addition to project development of upmarket residential properties, Fourreal concentrates on investments in properties for its portfolio. Precise property research and direct, compact planning enable the elimination of intermediate interfaces and thus maximum cost efficiency. Good creditworthiness and financial resources enable quick and flexible decisions.



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