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Quellenstraße 59-63



4.75% p.a.


48 months

Project type




Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The property "Quellenstraße 59-63" consists of three apartment buildings next to each other with 26 existing units in total. They are income houses, where first floor areas of the residential buildings, have been converted into commercial space. In addition, there is a raw attic from which about 1,000 m² can be obtained.

The project has a high occupancy rate (93%) and currently generates a net annual rent of 170,000 €.

The building is surrounded by all important amenities for daily needs and is ideally connected to the public transport network due to its proximity to the Reumannplatz subway station (U1), as well as to Vienna's main train station. The nearby subway station connects the property with various transport options, especially via the main station. Vienna's city center can thus be reached within a few minutes. Various leisure activities are in the immediate area, the extensive recreational area Wienerberg is only a few minutes away. Out of town is also the Bohemian Prater, which offers an excellent starting point for local recreational opportunities.

Deal Highlights

Velum GmbH - longtime partner of Rendity

Velum GmbH has already financed 11 successful portfolio projects with a volume of approximately 7,050,000 € with the help of the Rendity investor community. Of these, one project with a volume of 700,000 € excl. interest was repaid to the investors. Behind the borrower is the founder of the Velum Group with more than 15 years of real estate experience in Austria and Germany. The Issuer's portfolio of apartment buildings and apartments is almost exclusively located in Vienna. In total, the portfolio comprises 33,500 m² of usable space, divided into 625 rentable units. The majority of the portfolio is residential. Currently, the portfolio has a market value of approximately 83,000,000 €.

Inflation-protected rental income of approximately 170,000 € per year

The project is largely rented out under fixed-term leases and currently generates net annual rent of 170,000 €. Further increases in rental income are expected as a result of new leases for the newly acquired residential units at new rates.

Security through the Rendity interest deposit

The Rendity interest deposit serves to secure our investors. Before the start of each project, the respective borrower has to deposit an interest deposit in the amount of half a year's interest into a separate trust account. The interest deposit deposited by the borrower is subject to escrow and may only be used to compensate for interest payments not made or missing capital repayments to the investors.

Regular additional income - 4.75% p.a. Distribution every 3 months

Investors receive quarterly distributions of 4.75% p.a. on their invested capital during the term. The capital invested is repaid to investors at the end of the term.

Central location with good accessibility to the city center

Centrally located in the 10th district of Favoriten in Vienna, the Quellenstraße 59-63 property is situated close to Reumannplatz as well as Vienna's main train station and the up-and-coming Sonnwendviertel district. In addition, the popular Columbus Center and Favoritenstraße are not far away.

Investment Case

The borrower is the registered owner of the property with the address Quellenstraße 59-63, 1100 Vienna. The apartment building comprises a usable floor space of 2,650 m² and a potential attic floor space of approx. 1,000 m². In total, annual net rental income of approximately 170,000 € is currently being generated. The property owner plans to refinance the property, as well as to optimize it.

The purchase of the property has already been completed and the issuer is already the owner of the property. The aim of the crowdinvesting campaign is to partially redeem the own funds used and to finance the redevelopment and optimization of the existing property.

Distribution every 3 months:

During the term, the lender receives an annual distribution of 4.75%.

Interest Depot:

The Rendity interest deposit serves as a security for the investors. Before the start of each project, the respective borrower has to deposit an interest deposit in the amount of half a year's interest into a separate escrow account. The interest deposit deposited by the borrower is subject to fiduciary safekeeping and may only be used to compensate for interest payments not made or missing capital repayments to the investors.


Acquisition and redevelopment costs
2.760.000 €
Additional acquisition costs
270.000 €
Financing costs
100.000 €
Redevelopment costs
2.500.000 €
200.000 €
Total investment costs
5.830.000 €

Finance Structure


Welcome to 1100 Vienna

Favoriten is the 10th district of Vienna. It is located south of the inner districts, extends to the southern city limits and is an area district with strong population growth and high construction activity. Early on, the district enjoyed rapid population growth due to many resident industries. Already at the beginning of World War I, the district population was almost 160,000. Even after World War II, the population in Favoriten - in contrast to many other Viennese districts - quickly rose again to the pre-war level due to large-scale land reserves. Today, Favoriten is the city's most populous district, with about 210,000 residents, and is home to about 10 percent of Vienna's total population. Historically, Favoriten was always perceived as a working-class district, but this has changed considerably in recent years.

Microlocation Quellenstraße

Quellenstraße 59-63 is in an excellent location and is ideally connected to the public transportation network. A variety of public transportation options, such as the Reumannplatz subway station or Vienna's main train station, are in the immediate vicinity. The city center of Vienna can thus be reached within a few minutes.

Discover the surroundings

Quellenstraße 59-63 is in an excellent location and is ideally connected to the public transportation network. A variety of public transportation options such as the Reumannplatz subway station, which is only a 10-minute walk away, as well as Vienna's main train station, which is a 6-minute walk away, are central transportation hubs in Vienna. Via the Vienna Central Station you can comfortably reach Vienna's city center.

Vienna Central Station

More than 30,000 new residential units have been built around the area of the main station in recent years. The main station has thus had a major impact on Vienna's cityscape. Since the complete opening of the main station in 2015, more than 268,000 passengers pass through here every day, which is why it is considered the busiest station in Austria. In addition to long-distance trains to all of Europe, public transport is also seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure of the main station. Both the U1 subway and commuter trains and streetcars come together at this transportation hub.

In addition to local and long-distance transportation, the facility also offers a shopping center with more than 20,000 m², which is used not only by travelers and employees in the area, but also by residents and visitors.

A new urban district has also been created in the immediate vicinity around the main station, where several thousand apartments have been built and many jobs have been created by the relocation of many large domestic and international companies. Erste Bank, for example, opened its new campus a few years ago right next to the main station and, appropriately enough, the corporate headquarters of the Austrian Federal Railway are now also located at the new main station.

The central station has therefore not only created an important transport hub, but has also had a lasting positive impact on an entire city district.


Favoritenstraße is one of the longest shopping streets in Austria and offers a wide range of different stores. In addition to traditional family businesses and international chains, numerous culinary offerings also line the Favoritenstraße.

Wienerberg City

Wienerberg City is a district in Favoriten and, along with Donau City, forms Vienna's largest skyscraper cluster. The former corporate headquarters of Philips Austria was initially built on the site of the former brickworks. Gradually, further high-rise buildings were constructed, so that today it is a district in its own right. In total, the modern district has about 230,000 m² of total floor space, of which about 130,000 m² is office and retail space. Of the 8 buildings in Wienerberg City, 3 have a height of over 100 meters. A cinema, a shopping center, a hotel and educational facilities complete the offer.

Wienerberg recreation area

The Wienerberg recreation area in Vienna is a large green space on former brickyard land on the southern slope of the Wienerberg. It is located in the south of the city in the 10th district (Favoriten) between Triester Strasse in the west, Raxstrasse in the north, Neilreichgasse in the east and Otto-Probst-Strasse and Friedrich-Adler-Weg in the south. It is one of the areas acquired by the city administration from 1955 onwards in decades of effort to enable the extension of the forest and meadow belt to the south and east.

Columbus Center

The Columbus Center is a small but very fine shopping mall that enjoys great popularity locally. The center on the pedestrian zone Favoritenstraße in the 10th district is characterized by its variety of stores, its location and infrastructure. The Columbus Center offers a successful, relaxed shopping experience in a central and lively part of Vienna.



Development StageManagement
Track RecordMore than € 250 million developed
Asset TypeResidential
Duration36 months or more
Existing Bank FinancingYes
Pre Sales>20%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


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