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Margaretenstraße 102



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Project Presentation

The project "Margaretenstraße 102" is an impressive turn-of-the-century house in Vienna's 5th district Margareten, which is being renovated and extended with an attic conversion. Here, not far from the city center, 11 attractive old building apartments are being created on the regular floors as well as 4 exclusive attic apartments with a breathtaking view over Vienna. Not only the structural characteristics of the old building are convincing here, but also the excellent location of the project in terms of transport.

Within the scope of the development project, in addition to an existing area of 615 m², an additional 480 m² of usable living space will be created, bringing the total usable area to around 1,095 m². The apartments in the old building range in size from 35 m² to 66 m² and have 1 to 3 rooms. The modern structure, which houses the new attic apartments, carefully blends into the ensemble of the surrounding historic existing buildings. The expansion is a 100% residential use. Following completion of the development project, all residential and commercial units will be sold individually.

The purchase agreement has been concluded and the Issuer is already the owner of the property. A building permit and the contracts for the execution of the construction measures have already been obtained. The construction activities already started as planned in the 1st calendar quarter 2022 and are expected to be completed by the 3rd calendar quarter 2023.


Welcome to 1050 Vienna

The 5th district, also known as "Margareten", is located in the heart of Vienna. In addition to its excellent infrastructure with numerous local amenities, shopping streets and transport links, the fifth district is a district of colorful hustle and bustle amidst its coffee house classics and newfangled eateries. A manageable number of parks, but above all the many hidden courtyards in combination with culinary diversity, such as can be found in the Schlossquadrat, offer residents a charming ambience between old buildings and urban hustle and bustle. The 5th district of Vienna has also experienced a particular upswing due to its immediate proximity to the new main train station. In recent years, not only Austria's most modern and largest train station has been built here, but also large-scale urban development areas such as the Sonnwendviertel and the Quartier Belvedere.

Microlocation Margaretentstrasse

Nothing is worth more than a good location. The project "Margaretenstraße 102" is located in the middle of Vienna's 5th district Margareten. Stores for daily needs, numerous restaurants and cafés as well as cultural and public facilities such as theaters, cinemas, schools and kindergartens are in the immediate vicinity. In particular, the world-famous Vienna Naschmarkt can be reached within a 10-minute walk and offers an endless variety of delights and culinary delights. The location is excellently connected to the public transportation network via the U4 subway line and bus line 13A, and the city center can be reached within 15 minutes. Parks such as the Bacherpark and Scheupark as well as the Margaretenplatz with its weekly farmers' market are also within walking distance and invite you to linger.

Discover the neighborhood

Catching up, Margareten is becoming a trendy district - this aptly describes the district and thus the eponymous location of the "Margaretenstrasse 102" project. Formerly known as a classic working-class district, Margareten is currently undergoing a major transformation, favored in particular by the expansion of the subway network and the accompanying connection to the U2 subway line. It will enrich the district with a subway node in Pilgramgasse and further stations in Reinprechtsdorfer Straße and Matzleinsdorfer Platz. These locations in particular are already benefiting from the completion of the subway extension planned for 2028. Reinprechtsdorfer Strasse, for example, is currently being redesigned and redesigned as a central traffic axis and shopping street. The remodeling of the ÖBB train station at Matzleinsdorfer Platz was completed last year, which contributed to a significant increase in the attractiveness of this important traffic hub.


The Vienna Naschmarkt in the adjacent 6th district is a lively and historic market in Vienna that attracts visitors from all over the world. It delights the senses with its colorful stalls and diverse selection of fresh produce, exotic spices and culinary delights. Here you can find fruits, vegetables, meat and fish in abundance, presented by passionate traders. In addition to shopping, the Naschmarkt also offers a variety of restaurants, cafés and snack stands serving local and international specialties. The market is a vibrant meeting place for locals and tourists, offering a lively atmosphere and authentic culinary experiences.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace, located in Vienna's adjacent 3rd district Landstraße, is an impressive historical sight in Vienna. The magnificent Baroque palace consists of two palaces, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, which are connected by a beautiful garden. The architectural beauty of the palace and the ornate gardens attract numerous visitors every year. The Upper Belvedere houses an impressive art collection with masterpieces by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka. The Lower Belvedere impresses with its magnificent rooms and salons, which offer a glimpse into the baroque life of its aristocratic inhabitants.

Central Station

Vienna Central Station is the central as well as the largest train station in Vienna and is located on the outskirts of the 10th district of Favoriten in Vienna. It offers a wide range of train connections to national and international destinations. In addition to transportation, the station also offers a wide range of services, stores and restaurants. The modern architecture and open atmosphere make the station a popular meeting place. In addition to its importance as a central transportation hub, Vienna Central Station is also a key component of the structural development in the Belvedere neighborhood. The former industrial area around the station has developed into an up-and-coming urban district with apartments, offices, stores and leisure facilities.


The building complex known as "Schlossquadrat" on Margaretenplatz dates back to the 14th century and today invites visitors to enjoy culinary delights and linger. The estate, which went by the name of "Niederer Hof" and was later known as Margareten Castle, changed hands several times. This circumstance and the serious destruction during the first and second Turkish sieges (1529 and 1683) meant that the estate was subject to structural changes. When the city of Vienna bought the estate in 1727, the palace garden henceforth served as a mulberry nursery. The courtyard thus ran along Gartengasse, Schlossgasse and Margaretenplatz. The castle square is still used commercially today. The former castle houses several catering establishments and impresses with its historical charm and romantic guest gardens.


The Margaretenhof was built in 1884-85 by Fellner and Helmer (architects of the Burgtheater and many other theaters in the area of the Habsburg monarchy and beyond, e.g. the Odessa Opera). Ideas of urban apartment house construction and cottages merge here. The architectural complex occupies an extraordinarily important urban position in the district. Historically, it represents the symbolic successor building of the old Margaret Castle, which now exists only in fragments. The large residential complex with its street-like courtyard is an early example of urban housing. The two architects Helmer and Fellner had built many theaters throughout the Danube Monarchy. The theater in Czernowitz, in Varna and the opera in Odessa are to be mentioned here, for example.



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