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Langobardenweg 13



4.75% p.a.


48 months

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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The property "Langobardenweg 13" is an almost fully rented residential building in the middle of the idyllic Frankfurt district of Unterliederbach. The apartment building comprises a total of 8 units with a total area of 370 m². In addition, the property contains 4 parking spaces and was fully renovated in 2010.

The project is already very well let (87%) and currently generates a net annual rent of €72,272.

The property is located in Unterliederbach in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt's Hauptwache, making it one of the most sought-after districts in Frankfurt. Unterliedbach is considered a district full of contrasts, due to its up-and-coming in recent years, the infrastructure has grown accordingly. In the surrounding area you can find shopping facilities, as well as schools and kindergartens.

Deal Highlights

Tree Top - Partner with 20 years of industry experience

The project developer Tree Top Capital Group already has 20 years of experience in the Central European real estate market. With approximately 200,000 sqm of space under development and 100,000 sqm of existing properties, Tree Top's total portfolio is worth nearly €1 billion. Tree Top is a well-known development company in Europe. The Capital Group offers a renowned investment platform for German as well as international investors.

Annual rental income of € 72,272

The project is already very well leased and currently generates a net annual rent of €72,272.

Germany - Frankfurt as an investment location

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and has become the second largest real estate investment market in the world in recent years. In addition to national investors, international investors are now increasingly active, placing their trust in Germany as a business location. Frankfurt is known as a banking metropolis as well as for the headquarters of the European Central Bank.

Regular additional income - 4.75% p.a. Distribution every 3 months

Investors receive an annual distribution of 4.75% p.a. on their invested capital in quarterly installments during the term. The capital invested is repaid to the investors at the end of the term.

Security through the Rendity interest deposit

The Rendity interest deposit serves to secure our investors. Before the start of each project, the respective borrower has to deposit an interest deposit in the amount of half a year's interest into a separate trust account. The interest deposit deposited by the borrower is subject to fiduciary safekeeping and may only be used to compensate for interest payments not made or missing capital repayments to the investors.

Investment Case

The borrower is the registered owner of the property with the address Langobardenweg 13, 65929 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The building contains a total of 8 units, with a current leasable area of 370 m². In total, annual net rental income of approximately € 72,272 is currently being generated. The property owner plans to refinance the property, as well as to optimize and refurbish it and subsequently sell it.

The purchase of the property has already been completed and the issuer is already the owner of the property. The aim of the crowdinvesting campaign is to partially redeem the own funds used and to finance the redevelopment and optimization of the existing property.

Distribution every 3 months:

During the term, the lender receives an annual distribution totaling 4.75%.

Interest deposit:

The Rendity interest deposit serves as a security for the investors. Before the start of each project, the respective borrower has to deposit an interest deposit in the amount of half a year's interest into a separate escrow account. The interest deposit deposited by the borrower is subject to fiduciary safekeeping and may only be used to compensate for interest payments not made or missing capital repayments to the investors.


Purchase costs property
1.400.000 €
Transaction cost
44.000 €
Total investment cost
1.444.000 €
Sales revenue (Assumption)
2.095.752 €
651.752 €

Finance Structure


Welcome to Frankfurt

Located in western Germany, Frankfurt, with nearly 2.3 million inhabitants, is the fifth largest and most populous German city. Frankfurt am Main is known for its impressive skyline - a conurbation of towering skyscrapers - and is therefore referred to as Germany's metropolis. The city is in an ideal geographic location as it offers a central hub of major trade routes on the Main River and near the Rhine River. It is also home to Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest hubs in the world. Frankfurt is also known as a banking metropolis, as the European Central Bank has its headquarters here.

Microlocation Unterliederbach

Unterliederbach, a district of Frankfurt, is located in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt's Hauptwache and is one of Frankfurt's most sought-after neighborhoods. Just under 14,300 residents find peace and quiet and their home in this idyllic village. Unterliederbach combines on the one hand the half-timbered romanticism of bygone times and on the other hand prefabricated buildings that were built on the drawing board at the time. The combination of these two contrasts makes the village attractive for many residents. Unterliederbach offers a perfect infrastructure due to the numerous local suppliers. The Main-Taunus-Zentrum shopping paradise can be reached in just a few minutes by car.

Discover the surrounding area

Thanks to its global trading center, Frankfurt is a popular place for large corporations and companies to settle and is also known as an important financial center. Its large industrial and service center also attracts companies as well as employees to Frankfurt. However, the city is not only popular for its expertise in finance, but also attracts tourists for its museums, historic buildings, and burgeoning arts and culture scene.

Frankfurt Airport

Germany's largest commercial airport is located in Frankfurt am Main, 12 km southwest of downtown Frankfurt. It is the fourth largest airport in Europe, thus offering travelers an essential hub for international transfer travel as well as domestic travel. Frankfurt Airport has the highest density of connections, making it the most important transportation hub in Europe. It is an international airport that carries more than 60.8 million passengers from A to B per year. In addition, the airport has the largest cargo volume compared to other European airports. Lufthansa, Condor Flugdienst and the cargo company Lufthansa Cargo find their main hub here, as well as their home base.

Frankfurt am Main - The European banking metropolis

No city in Germany offers a more impressive skyline than that in Frankfurt. Colloquially, this part of the city is also called "Mainhatten," referring to the American borough of Manhattan in New York. The city of "Mainhatten" has experienced an enormous economic boom in recent decades. Frankfurt's high-rise skyline is experiencing an ever-increasing upward trend, with 14 skyscrapers currently standing out in the banking district. More than 200 domestic and foreign banks are headquartered in Frankfurt, making the city the largest banking metropolis in Germany. The European Central Bank building was built in the middle of the Frankfurt skyline in 2014, and the bank has been headquartered there ever since. Among other things, the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany also has its headquarters here. Other major banks such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, KfW Bankengruppe, DZ Universalbank, Direktbank and ING-DiBa are represented here. Banking offers an ideal space for international networking. Not only banks are represented in the business city, but also the largest German stock exchange. Deutsche Börse AG is one of the most important stock exchange organizations in Germany. Consequently, Frankfurt is considered one of the most important international financial centers.

Frankfurt Hauptwache

The Frankfurt Hauptwache is a baroque building in downtown Frankfurt. During World War II, the building was destroyed and shortly after rebuilt in a simplified form. Before the construction of the current subway station, the destroyed Hauptwache building was also faithfully renovated.

Römerberg in Frankfurt

Römerberg is located in the center of Frankfurt's old town. The highest point of the hill, formerly called Saturday Hill, has been used for entertainment in the form of fairs, tournaments and other events since the 9th century. Emperor coronations and elections have also taken place at this historic site. Since the 15th century, the city council has had its seat here. The Römerberg in the center is a meeting place and a focal point for many visitors. People like to meet here to linger.

The fountain at the Römerberg in Frankfurt is the most important landmark of the city, it is the focal point of the center. Frankfurt residents and guests from all over the world gather around the city's landmark. In 1611, the sculptor Johann Hocheisen created today's Fountain of Justice with the figure made of red sandstone. Since then, the figure has been renovated several times, so that the so-called "Justita" could be preserved.

The Zeil in Frankfurt am Main

The Zeil is located on the northern edge of the city center. Already in the 19th century, this street became known for its high sales figures. Even today it is one of the most important shopping streets in Germany.



Development StageManagement
Track RecordMore than € 250 million developed
Asset TypeResidential
Duration36 months or more
Existing Bank FinancingYes
Pre Sales>20%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


We are a high-performance real estate company focusing on transaction and asset management. We are an investment company with over 20 years of experience standing firmly on the Central European real estate market. With a high number (100,000 sqm) of leased square meters and 200,000 sqm of leasable space currently under development, the total portfolio of Tree Top Capital Group GmbH is close to one billion euros.

We combine the knowledge of two generations and with this expertise we can proudly claim to be one of the leading development companies in Europe. With our know-how we serve national and international clients.

We attach particular importance to transparency, discretion and our network. Our customers benefit from a professional, personal and loyal business relationship. Our professional team has a well-connected network of experts. It is important to practice direct communication. Our clients can expect responsible and confidential cooperation.

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