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Project Presentation

The project "Huflattichweg 4" is a new building project in the midst of a wonderful green area in the 22nd district near the urban development area Seestadt Aspern. The project involves the construction of an exclusive terraced housing estate with 8 residential units including car parking spaces for subsequent sale. The land has already been acquired and planning activities are already well advanced. The building permit is expected to be granted in autumn/winter 2019.

The project will provide a total usable floor space of 750 m², plus generous open spaces such as roof terraces, patios and gardens. The residential units will be built with a special focus on contemporary and comfortable construction methods. Special attention is paid to the use of high-quality materials.

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The 22nd district, also called "Donaustadt", is located east of the city centre of Vienna and is Vienna's most populous district. The 22nd District covers almost a quarter of the total area of the Vienna municipal territory and is characterized by its comprehensive appearance. In addition to numerous green spaces and local recreation areas, which make up almost 50% of the total area of the 22nd District, there are numerous large housing estates and detached houses, such as the Donau City district, which is characterised by office and high-rise residential areas.

Historically, the 22nd District was created in its present form in 1954. Over the years, many housing estates have developed there, for example, the extraterritorial area of the UNO was created in 1979 and in recent years the office towers of the "DC-Towers" have opened there, of which Tower 1 is the highest building in Austria to date. Today, the 22nd district is an up-and-coming urban district with good infrastructural connections, many local recreation areas such as the old Danube and the urban district of Donaucity, which is characterised by office buildings and can be easily reached by underground lines 1 and 2. Vienna's largest shopping centre, Donaucity, located in the 22nd district, is also particularly well-known, with its endless shops, restaurants and cafés.

Discover the surroundings

The 22nd district in Vienna, also known as "Wien Donaustadt", is home to a variety of leisure and recreation areas. Special hotspots of the district are the Alte Donau, the area around Donau-City and the lakeside town of Aspern. Many residents especially appreciate the family-friendly and quiet residential areas of the 22nd district with sufficient space for families and sports activities.

Huflattichweg is a small alleyway in the centre of a residential development area with almost exclusively single-family homes and very little traffic on the eastern outskirts of Vienna. The immediate vicinity to the large urban development area Seestadt Aspern means that in Huflattichweg one can enjoy both the peace and security of a still rural housing estate and the amenities of a modern district with extensive social, educational, cultural and sports facilities as well as various possibilities for local supply. The connection to the public transport network is excellent thanks to bus lines, the two underground stations in the north and south of the Urban Lakeside and the newly built Aspern Nord station with a rapid transit station. The U2 underground line, for example, takes about 20 minutes to get directly to the city centre. A walk to the south takes you to the Lobau, the famous Danube floodplain, forest and recreation area with the national park.

Lakeside town Aspern

The Urban Lakeside Aspern in the 22nd district of Vienna is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. Over the next few years, the district will be home to over 20,000 people who will live and work here. In the middle of the Urban Lakeside is the artificial lake that gives the district its name and serves as a recreational area for residents. According to the urban planning concept, 15,000 new office workplaces will be created in addition to the more than 10,000 apartments. Four parks and green spaces are available to the residents of the Urban Lakeside to ensure a high quality of life. For the cityscape, huge and anonymous blocks of buildings are avoided; instead, differently designed townhouses are being built. The focal points of the residential building model are: Climate friendliness, affordability, social sustainability, functional mix and architectural diversity.

Danube Park

The Donaupark is a park of around 604,000 m² in the 22nd district of Vienna Donaustadt. The Donaupark is conveniently located between Wagramer Strasse, the Bruckhaufen housing estate, Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse and Hubertusdamm. Directly adjacent to the Donaupark, which originally reached as far as Wagramer Strasse, is the UNO-City with the Vienna International Centre and the Austria Center Vienna, to the south of which is the Danube City and then the Copa Cagrana with the Danube Island to the New Danube. In the north, the Danube Park is bordered by the beach resorts along the Old Danube.

Old Danube

The Alte Donau is an oxbow lake of the Danube in Vienna. It is located northeast of the New Danube, which accompanies the Danube's main stream, but has no direct connection with it or with the Danube itself. The Old Danube is a leisure and bathing area close to the city centre, which can be reached by underground. Several very popular public beach resorts can be found along the banks, including the most famous one, the Goose Pond. The Old Danube is ideal for water-related leisure activities and is often used for windsurfing and boating on summer days. Along the Old Danube you will find a large number of sailing schools and boat rental possibilities.



ELAD Immobilien GmbH was founded in April 2018. Managing director of ELAD Immobilien is Asher Davidov, a successful entrepreneur in the fields of gastronomy and real estate in Vienna. Among other things, he manages 5 successful restaurant businesses in inner-city locations as well as a catering company. Among them are the Tewa at Karmelitermarkt, the Weinschenke at Karmelitermarkt & Siebensternplatz, the newly opened Café Drechsler and the Pizzeria Randale. In recent years, Mr. Asher Davidov and his team have successfully implemented real estate projects. Today they include a package of 18 apartments in the portfolio, a self-contained apartment house with approx. 1,450m² as well as the current renovation or extension of an apartment house with 1,400m² in the 5th district. The next project is the row house project in the 22nd district in Brosamergasse.

MY-REL Immobilien GmbH, managed by Arik Alaev, is a shareholder of ELAD and contributes further professional expertise to the implementation of this project. Arik Alaev is a financial consultant for small and medium-sized companies in Austria and Germany, real estate developer and investor. He is founder and managing director of the consulting and investment company LonVin Partners as well as of MY-REL Holding GmbH, which holds shares in real estate companies (currently with a total volume of 5 million Euros). He specialises in the implementation of residential refurbishment and new construction. Previously, he worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in the real estate sector and as an analyst at Citigroup in the area of mergers and acquisitions. He completed his Masters in Management in France/Paris.

Artur Babadschanov is the responsible project manager for Brosamergasse and has many years of experience in the real estate segment. After several years as a real estate agent for residential real estate in the Vienna area, Mr. Babadschanov started in 2010 in the field of development and implementation of residential and commercial real estate and is managing director of ARBA Real Estate Investment GmbH, which is responsible for the project development of the project in Brosamergasse. So far, under the management of Mr. Babadschanov, about 7,000 m² of residential space have already been successfully developed.

ELAD Immobilien

ELAD Immobilien

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Arik Alaev
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Artur Babadschanov
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