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Baumkirchnerring 16

Wiener Neustadt


6.75% p.a.


24 months

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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The project "Baumkirchnerring 16" is a project for an attic conversion of an apartment building in Wiener Neustadt. The issuer's objective is to obtain a building permit for a two-storey attic extension. In the course of the extension, an additional 225 m² of living space will be created in addition to the current 835 m².

The purpose of this issue is to partially pay off the equity used and to finance the planning and development until a building permit is obtained for a two-story attic conversion for 3 additional residential units with a total of 225 m² of additional floor space. As the construction phase is not part of the financing, this project has no construction risk and in addition the property generates ongoing rental income in excess of 66,000 € per annum. All units will be sold globally after successful submission planning.

The property is ideally located in Wiener Neustadt. All local supply facilities of all kinds are located in the immediate vicinity of the property. Pharmacies, doctors, hospital, supermarkets and schools are within one kilometer. In terms of transportation, residents are well connected by the train station, which is only 1 kilometer away. Visitors and residents lack nothing thanks to the very good infrastructure.


Welcome to Wiener Neustadt

The property offers an attractive and livable residence for many who wish to combine city and rural charm. Wiener Neustadt is ideally connected to the Austrian capital Vienna with the train station near the center, as well as the highway. Wiener Neustadt is the second largest city in Lower Austria after St. Pölten. About 47,000 inhabitants live in Wiener Neustadt. The city presents itself as the center of southeastern Lower Austria and, with important functions such as industry, trade and research, is an important place to live. The population growth of about 7% reflects the attractiveness of the city. With the RIZ (Regional Innovation Center), the TFZ (Technology and Research Center), "MedAustron" and Austria's first and largest university of applied sciences, as well as with the "ARENA NOVA" event hall, the city offers great prospects for the future.

Baumkirchnerring micro-location

The "Baumkirchnerring 16" project is located in the center of the Lower Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt. The property is located approx. 600 m from the main square in Wiener Neustadt. In the immediate vicinity are local suppliers of all kinds. Numerous restaurants, stores, schools, medical practices and a hospital, as well as the famous cathedral of Wiener Neustadt are in the immediate vicinity. The train station of Wiener Neustadt can be reached in about 7 minutes on foot and Vienna in about 30 minutes by train. The A2 freeway also offers good connections to the center of Vienna. In terms of transport, the property is ideally connected by rail and freeway.

Discover the surroundings

As the second largest city in Lower Austria, Wiener Neustadt has much to offer. Wiener Neustadt's castle has housed the world's oldest military academy since 1752. The Academy Park invites you to linger and the surrounding Bucklige Welt enchants with regional delicacies. The center of Vienna is about an hour away, as are the surrounding mountains such as the Schneeberg and the Hohe Wand.

Main Square of Wiener Neustadt & Cathedral of Wiener Neustadt

The main square in Wiener Neustadt is located in the center within the city's fortifications. Here numerous stores, supermarkets, doctors, drugstores, bakeries, restaurants and much more can be discovered. On the main square, residents and visitors can stroll, taste and shop comfortably - nothing is missing here. The Mariensäule is also located at the rectangularly planned Hauptplatz. The Marienmarkt of Wiener Neustadt offers old tradition and pleasure on 600 square meters. The market, located in the heart of Wiener Neustadt, invites you to linger and take your time to taste delicacies from the surrounding area. Regionality is very important here. Most of the food comes from the so-called Bucklige Welt. The cathedral of Wiener Neustadt is a late romantic building in the heart of the city. When the cathedral was founded, Wiener Neustadt belonged to the Duchy of Styria and thus to the Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg, which is why the church was given the patrocinium of St. Rupert.

Wiener Neustadt Castle & Academy Park

With its more than 800-year history, Wiener Neustadt Castle bears witness to many historical events in Austria's history. It was built in 1194 as a fortress- in the mid-15th century, the castle rose to become the imperial residence. It is the birthplace of Emperor Maximilian I and also houses his tomb. In 1751, Empress Maria Theresa donated the castle for the training of officers. Afterwards, the castle is home to the oldest military academy in the world. To the southeast and east of the castle stretches the Academy Park. Across the academy park runs the Kehrbach. The 16 km long man-made canal was originally used to fill the castle moat. Today, the park is the most important recreational area in the city. With an area of 186 hectares, the park offers the opportunity for hours of walking.

Bucklige Welt

The Bucklige Welt is located in the south of Lower Austria and extends over 23 municipalities on 585 km². It is home to around 39,000 inhabitants. The countless hills and humps give the region its name and are characteristic of the landscape. The landscape inspires and it is also the identity that characterizes the inhabitants - warm, active and connecting. Since the year 2000, the Bucklige Welt has been brought together as the basis of a small region. Regional initiatives and associations such as "Sooo gut schmeckt die Bucklige Welt" (The Bucklige World tastes so good), the "Bucklige Welt" business platform, the Bucklige Welt education and heritage association, the LEADER region Bucklige Welt - Wechselland and the Bucklige Welt Wechselland climate and energy model region form the basis for successful cooperation in the region.

Myra Falls & Hohe Wand

With their beautiful hiking trails and breathtaking water, the Myra Falls are an ideal destination for hikers and families of all ages. In 1885, the falls were made accessible by the ÖTK. Today, the Pernitz Muggendorf Section takes care of the maintenance. Since 2008, numerous descriptions and information boards have been erected along the impressive landscape. The Myra Falls tell how the power of water has been used since 1783 as a driving force for wood cross-linking or electricity generation. The inhabitants of the landscape also use the water wheels to grind barley, wheat and oats. About 1454 inhabitants live in the Hohe Wand Nature Park in the district of Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. The area of Hohe Wand is divided into two parts. A plain at 400 meters above sea level in the southeast, where the densely populated areas are located. In the southeast, the area is separated from the Vienna Basin by the 500-600 meter high mountains Kienberg and Kalter Berg. The area is also known as the "New World". The other part is a forested plateau mountain range with peaks over 100 meters in the northwest. This part is called the Hohe Wand Nature Park.



With a young but experienced and motivated team, the CAELIA Group has been active in the real estate industry for almost eight years, with a management team that can already look back on 15 years of experience in real estate and finance. In addition to Sales/Agency, responsible for purchasing and distribution, and Capital, responsible for releasing capital by handling sale and rent back transactions and joint ventures, CAELIA has focused mainly on real estate development in two areas that make up the Investment division:

The development of projects, mainly residential projects in the early stages, that is, at most until the building permit is obtained. This includes the search and purchase of suitable plots and projects as well as the preparation for construction including planning, dedication and project concepts.

The development of apartment buildings including planning of extensions.

In addition to its own team, CAELIA is supported by a network of strategic partners and service providers with whom it has long-standing relationships. In all areas, CAELIA always acts as a partner for developers and not as a competitor: projects and properties are optimally prepared and prepared for further development or implementation by various developers through CAELIA's pre-development services. Thus, property developers can concentrate on their core competence - the construction of living space. CAELIA is the ideal partner for developers when it comes to the search for land, the preparation of plans and concepts, the financing of projects and the distribution and sale of projects.

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