Rendity Growth

Development Projects

Return up to 7,5% p.a.
Duration 12-36 Months
Distribution due at the end

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Exciting development projects

With a contribution of only €500 you can invest in exciting development projects and influence your neighborhood.

High returns

Financial flexibility has its price and real estate developers are willing to pay for it. There are no hidden fees or other service charges for our investors.

Short term

Investments on have an average term of 12 to 36 months. Short investment cycles for a fast world.


Prior to listing projects on our platform, we diligently assess them.
In a first step, we take a close look at the experience, the references and credibility of each real estate developer. Subsequently we asses each individual development projects according to a 20-point program. On we only offer development projects if the developer puts in a significant share of the equity contribution. This shows the developer’s financial commitment.

Track Record

When assessing the real estate developer, we take a close look at the experience, the professional education and reference projects. We also take the number of successfully carried out projects as well as the deal sizes into consideration. As a standard procedure, we demand a credit rating of each developer.

Project Assessment

Central element of the project assessment is the business case and underlying information. We assess whether the input variables of the project calculation (ie property costs, hard costs, soft costs, financing costs, etc.) are viable and if the assumed sales prices are realistic.


We look for real estate developers who are convinced of their project’s success and do not shy away from investing their own money. This financial commitment is an important indicator of professionalism and integrity of a developer. It is our firm belief that crowdinvesting works best in combination with other debt financing such as bank loans. This also means that before we assess a project it has already been evaluated by the risk committee of a bank.

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