Kirchenplatz 6

  • 1 unit
  • 1/1 rented
  • 401 m²
  • Specialist medical practice

A medical practice is located on the first floor of a residential and commercial building at Kirchenplatz 6 in Vienna's 23rd district of Liesing. The commercial unit has a weighted total usable area of 401 m², which is let on a long-term lease to a specialist medical practice.

1.240.000 €
Purchase price
6.138 €
Rental income
Number of shares
6.138 €Rental income
401 m²Size
Secured by land register

The purchase agreement was concluded in the first calendar quarter of 2024, making the issuer already the owner of the property. Currently, the property generates rental income of approximately €73,656 per year with an occupancy rate of 100%.

The medical practice is located in a courtyard accessible from Atzgersdorfer Kirchenplatz. The property was renovated in 2017 and is in an extremely well-maintained condition. Light-flooded rooms create an attractive working and treatment environment, while the open floor plan offers many design possibilities.


1 Month
Rent Received

The rental income for the month of June amounting to €6,138 has been received on time.

2 Months
Lease Agreement Can Be Assumed

The existing lease agreement for the medical practice can be assumed. The contract is indefinite and includes a tenant's waiver of termination for the first five years.

2 Months
Insurance Applications Submitted

The necessary insurance applications for the property at Kirchenplatz 6 have been submitted to ensure comprehensive protection.

3 Months
Purchase Agreement Signed

The purchase agreement for the property at Kirchenplatz 6 was signed in the 1st calendar quarter of 2024.

4 Months
Appraisal Report Created

An appraisal report for the property at Kirchenplatz 6 has been created. This confirms the current market value.

Monthly Distribution

3.980 €
Monthly Distribution
Rental income6.138 €
Subadministration-120 €
Service fee-737 €
Structural and legal costs-692 €
Repairs-425 €
Rent loss risk-184 €
Total3.980 €

How high are the possible returns?

Projected value
1.476,14 €
476,14 € (47.61 %)
Year 5
NaN €
-1.000 € (-100.00 %)
Rental yield
Value appreciation
Mid Case
The Mid-Case scenario reflects a moderate real estate development where rents rise in line with the general market trend and there is a solid forecast for appreciation, representative of a balanced market environment.


1.240.000 €
Total investment costs
Purchase price1.075.000 €
Incidental purchase costs69.490 €
Brokerage commission62.000 €
Payment processing14.880 €
Structural costs9.500 €
Cash reserve9.130 €
Total1.240.000 €


The 23rd district of Vienna, Liesing, is a district with many facets. From large-scale development areas for new residential projects to idyllic, almost rural-looking neighborhoods, Liesing is characterized by its diversity.

In terms of new construction activity, the 23rd district is in third place in the Vienna-wide ranking. Many new districts and residential projects have been built in recent years, with former commercial areas in particular establishing themselves as popular locations for new apartments.

  • Perchtoldsdorfer Heide
  • Lainzer Tiergarten
  • Liesing Castle
  • HEINDL Chocolate Museum
  • Alterlaa residential park

Investment Case

Financial instrument
Tokenized profit participation certificate
Number of shares12.400
Price per share100 €
Expected return
8,12% p.a.
Kapitalertragssteuer (KESt)
Expected holding period
5 years
ISIN and Share Designation
Rendity Property 1 GmbH
Secured by land register