Rendity Instant Interest

Interest from the deposit

Interest accrues during the funding
Interest paid out after the funding
Key takeaways
Receive interest from the first day of your investment
Interest accrues over the entire funding period
Payout already after the funding period

Interest from the first day

Nobody likes to wait, especially for interest. Therefore, your invested capital will earn interest at Rendity immediately. From receipt of payment of the investment, you will receive the Rendity instant interest.

Interest already during the funding period

With the Rendity instant interest, you not only receive interest on your invested capital for the loan term, but also for the time leading up to it. Thus, you already receive interest for your investment during the funding period. In plain language this means: the sooner you invest, the higher your Rendity instant interest.

Payout already after the funding period

Receive your Rendity Instant Interest already after the end of the funding period. The Rendity Instant Interest is transferred directly to your Rendity Wallet and is immediately at your free disposal. Pay it out or - better still - use it to invest in another project.

Become a real estate investor

We open the door to the real estate market. Now you have the change to get a real estate investor.
Frequently asked Questions
When do I start earning interest on my investment?
Your principal will earn interest as soon as your deposit arrives at your account and is credited to your Investor Wallet. If you do a deposit via credit card your funds will be credited immediately. If you are investing via bank transfer or direct debit mandate, please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to appear on your wallet.
When is my interest paid?
Once the funding target of a project has been achieved, the subscription period, for which the Rendity Instant Interest applies, also ends. As soon as the 14-day cooling-off period has expired, you will receive the interest from the Rendity Instant Interest directly on your Investor Wallet and can invest it in another project, withdraw it or wait until you have saved more money.
Does the cooling-off period also count to the interest run of the Rendity Instant Interest?
Yes, indeed. Even the legal withdrawal period is part of the interest run. Consumers have the right to withdraw from an investment within 14 days from the day of the conclusion of contract. Please refer to our FAQ for more details.
For which projects does the Rendity Instant Interest apply?
The Rendity Instant Interest applies to all projects on the platform that display it. Please check the detailed information of the respective real estate project.
What returns can I expect?
The rate of return depends on the interest rate of the respective real estate project in which you have invested. Rendity Growth projects have interest rates of up to 9% p.a. while Rendity Income projects offer interest rates of up to 6% p.a.
Who pays the interest?
The respective real estate developer provides the payment of the Rendity Instant Interest.
Why do I earn interest on my investment during the funding period?
In order to prevent our investors' investments from being interest-free during the subscription period, we offer the Rendity Instant Interest. This way, the effective interest rate is further increased and investors who invest early in the respective project are rewarded.