Crowdinvesting for real estate

Rendity Crowdinvesting

Profit from the lucrative real estate market with small amounts of money starting at 100 € and receive regular interest of up to 8.5%.
Main features of crowdinvesting
Investing in profitable real estate projects
Profit from the success of professionals and create additional income as a crowdinvestor, without a high minimum investment.
Projects from experienced developers
Project evaluation exclusively of selected properties from experienced developers with a long track-record.
Crowdinvestment with above-average interest rates
Achieve self-determined strong asset growth and build your own portfolio.
Immobilienprojekte in Deutschland und Österreich
Die angebotenen Projekte konzentrieren sich auf den wertstabilen Wohnungsmarkt im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Start with crowdinvesting

With short terms and high interest rates, our real estate projects are the ideal entry point for crowdinvestors.

Crowdinvesting for real estate

Crowdinvesting for real estate is a relatively new type of investment and opens up an asset class with above-average returns to investors that was previously difficult to access. Until now, institutional investors such as banks or investment funds had access to real estate projects because they were able to raise the required investment volume. With Rendity, private investors gain access to lucrative real estate projects with a fixed return of up to 8.5% per year, starting at just 100 €. With a few clicks you can build up your own real estate portfolio and benefit from the same conditions as otherwise only professional large investors.

Unlike traditional real estate investing, which requires a single investor to purchase an entire building or property, crowdinvesting allows multiple investors with small amounts of money to come together to jointly finance larger real estate projects. These projects can include anything from apartments to office buildings to shopping centers. The advantage is that investors can invest in a broader portfolio of real estate projects with a smaller amount of capital, diversifying risk and offering the potential for higher returns.

Crowdinvesting at Rendity.

Previous knowledge and experience in the real estate market is no longer necessary for digital real estate investment. Independent of personal income, self-determined investments in real estate can be made. On Rendity, each real estate project is evaluated and then the project calculation is checked before it is offered as a real estate project to all investors. At the start of the project, crowdinvestors receive an exposé with all details for each project in order to get a complete picture of the investment. In addition, the Rendity Rating offers crowdinvestors the opportunity to compare different projects with each other through a rating system.

The three most important factors in crowdinvesting.

  • The amount of annual interest
  • The investment term of the project
  • The risks of real estate investment

So there are a few things to consider when crowdfunding, the most important rule being: diversify. This can be done either by many individual investments in selected projects or via convenient savings plan automatically.

How crowdinvesting differs from other real estate investments

Real estate investing is basically a popular way to make your money work for you. With limited funds, the idea of buying and owning a property outright can be daunting - especially if it involves financing and taking out a loan in the background.

However, there are several alternatives: investing smaller amounts in real estate is readily available today, and profits can be achieved much more quickly. At the same time, you save a lot of time and energy, which must be put into organizational activities compared to buying an apartment.

Apartment purchase


Real Estate ETFs


Invest from 100 €

Regular income

Fixed term and interest

No fees

Simple to purchase

Money available at short notice at any time

Ratio between equity and debt

Classic real estate financing

Real estate developers usually realize several projects in parallel. For this, however, they need a certain equity ratio in order to obtain the required debt capital from a bank. In order to be able to apply for financing for further projects, the real estate developers look for investors who participate with their capital and receive interest in return. This allows the real estate developer to apply for further debt capital from a bank with the released capital.
Why does crowdinvesting work?

The crowd invests in a property

As soon as the equity has been redeemed via crowdinvesting, the pre-agreed term begins and the project is implemented according to plan. Investors receive regular interest payments and at the end of the term, the capital provided by the crowd is paid back to the investors and can be reinvested. It is important that all projects on Rendity were checked in advance by a bank. In addition, in addition to a bank loan, there is also a significant amount of equity of the developer. The project financing is therefore already secured in advance.
The Rendity experience

Crowdinvesting experience

More than 30,000 crowdinvestors have already chosen Rendity and have collectively financed more than €130 million in real estate projects with Rendity. Experience shows that before investing, it should be clarified how much capital should be invested. In the next step, it is important to find out which real estate projects best fit one's own goals and then create a long-term plan.
How the financing works

Crowdinvesting financing

The crowdinvestors can redeem part of the existing equity, which means that the issuer has part of its own capital at its disposal again. This equity is of great value to the issuer, for which it is willing to pay high interest.

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