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Business Case – Lemonway x Rendity

Wir sind ein junges, innovatives Startup und als solches kooperieren wir nur mit Unternehmen, die zu uns passen. Für die sichere Zahlungsabwicklung, die Legitimationsprüfung und die Verwaltung der einzelnen Verrechnungskonten arbeiten wir eng mit unserem Zahlungsdienstleister Lemonway zusammen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir gemeinsam den folgenden Business Case zweier ambitionierter Fintechs erstellt, um beide Unternehmen näher vorzustellen und einen Einblick in die Welt der Finanztechnologie zu geben. In diesem Bereich ist ein internationales Auftreten und ein Europa ohne Grenzen selbstverständlich, weshalb die Kooperation zwischen einem französischen und einem österreichischen Unternehmen einen Mehrwert für alle schafft und wir diese Case Study in Englisch veröffentlichen:


Rendity is a Crowdinvesting startup based in Vienna (Austria), founded in August 2015. Rendity is one of the first real estate investment marketplaces in Europe, and aims to enable real estate investments for everybody. Currently operating in Austria and Germany, Rendity has raised funds close to € 750,000 with its first few projects and is quickly gaining traction.


Rendity was founded in August 2015 by Paul Brezina, Tobias Leodolter and Lukas Müller. The three founders come from different backgrounds: software development, legal, marketing & sales.

When we finished university we had the possibility  tojoin the working force and make our first paychecks. Naturally, we also had first thoughts about how to invest our savings in a way that our savings would actually grow. The reality of investments especially in real estate looked rather disillusioning, so we decided to find our own investments opportunities and make them available to our friends. “ explains Tobias Leodolter, Co-Founder of Rendity .

The real estate investment market usually comes with high capital requirements. “That’s why we wanted to create investment opportunities that are more accessible to a wide range of people : a platform where people can invest with a small capital investment (€ 1,000) and yet earn attractive returns. That’s the founding idea behind Rendity“, Tobias Leodolter adds.


Rendity provides a real estate investment marketplace, giving the opportunity for investors with little capital to find appealing investment opportunities in brick & mortar assets. Investors have the ability to compile a portfolio from several Real Estate projects fitting their investment profile.

Rendity’s unique concept and features give the platform a competitive edge:

  • Investor wallet – Each investor receives a personal wallet, allowing him/her to track and control transactions in real time. “The investor wallet is an essential part of our concept and something that investors are used from other banking solutions“ says Tobias.
  • Lead Investor – On Rendity all projects are supported by lead investors. Not only can single investors profit from their experience but together the funding goal is achieved faster. Hence the investment will come to fruition more quickly.
  • High quality projects – Rendity handpicks high quality real estate projects for their investors. “Our philosophy is to stick to high standards of quality: we select projects that will most likely meet our expectations“ comments Tobias.


The three co-founders had to find a reliable Payment Institution partner for the payment and transaction part of their business, which is an essential part for any fintech. They chose Lemon Way after a thorough yet unexpected benchmark:

Lemon Way’s transparency and brand image were key factors to the partnership: “We were impressed by the accessibility of information and transparent cost structure. For startups and many other businesses planning security is key. We also liked the website and the way Lemon Way presented its servicesIt might sound artificial but it was also important for us that Lemon Way matches Rendity’s image“ says Tobias.

Exchanges with Lemon Way’s sales team sealed the partnership “When we had questions, Lemon Way was always quick to reply and answered thoroughly“ remembers Tobias.

Rendity swiftly integrated Lemon Way into their platform in September 2015: “We met no difficulty to integrate the Lemon Way API“ remembers Tobias.

Lemon Way’s ability to quickly handle complex payments made the team confident about their choice. “Lemon Way provides us with a secure and fast money transfer from a bank account to an investor wallet. That’s a key part of our success“ says Tobias.

In addition to payments, Lemon Way helps Rendity save time in their investor validation process. Tobias asserts: “When somebody wishes to sign up and invest, we have to verify their credentials before charging money to their Investor wallet (“KYC-Check”). And thanks to Lemon Way, customer verification gets done in a fast fashion“.

Last, but not least, Lemon Way’s inexpensive price has been helpful to Rendity’s success: “The cost structure that Lemon Way offers is obviously beneficial for us“ confirms Tobias.


Rendity’s 2016 turnover goal is to reach at least 1M€ of Real Estate investments:

Regarding Rendity’s international expansion, the team wishes to pursue their successful step-by-step approach and focus on quality over quantity. Tobias explains “From the beginning, we wanted to establish an European platform. For now, we focus on the Austrian and German markets, and then we’ll expand to others European countries“.

Authorized to operate payments, escrow and customer verification in 30 European countries, Lemon Way will help support and accelerate Rendity’s european expansion.


Lemon Way – Payment Institution for the New Economy
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