Risk Notice


Every kind of investment, also crowdinvesting, bears certain risks. In the worst case even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. However, the potential loss is limited to the invested capital as there is no additional funding obligation. Prior to each investment we urge investors to carefully examine the possible risks and to mind the information sheet for the respective project. We advise investors only to invest funds, they can afford to lose.

Rendity provides information on real estate projects to the users of the platform. The scope of our work is limited to the deployment of sample contracts and the technical framework to facilitate the conclusion of such contracts and to organize the delivery of documents. For the real estate developer we provide further services, such as contract and data management as well as the coordination of the payments. Rendity assumes no liability whatsoever for the information provided by the real estate developer, especially regarding the real estate projects.

We want to draw your attention explicitly to the following risks, that can occur when investing through Rendity:

Bankruptcy Risk

This term describes the risk, that a debtor will become insolvent because of its inability to service its debt.

Total Loss Risk

This term describes the risk, that the investor does not get back anything for the invested capital.

Malversation Risk

This term describes the risk of misconduct and illegal action by the executives of a partner firm. Said action could harm the partner directly or indirectly and might even lead to its bankruptcy.

Concentration Risk

This term describes the risk of a loss arising from heavily lopsided exposure to a particular counterparty. We therefore recommend a diversification of your portfolio.

Inflationary Risk

This term describes the risk of a loss of purchase power in the future due to rising prices of goods. This can lead to a (substantially) decreasing real return of the capital invested.