Company account

The company depot for real estate

Invest and profit from the real estate market with a corporate custody account for corporations without value limits. Earn more interest thanks to higher investment amounts.
Main features
Whether GmbH, AG or UG - commercial customers and institutional investors can create a corporate account with Rendity and invest in real estate.
No value limits
With the company portfolio, larger amounts can also be invested and one is not subject to any value limits as can be the case with private investors.
Real estate portfolio
On Rendity, corporations can profit from the real estate market and easily build a portfolio. A higher investment amount also means higher interest rates.
Account for business customers

Invest as a company

Register online as a company in just a few minutes and benefit from all the advantages. With Rendity, a large number of different real estate projects are offered transparently in order to be able to build up a broadly diversified digital portfolio. With a personal service and support, all concerns are answered immediately. Even with a company portfolio, there are no fees with Rendity.
High potential returns

Investing business assets lucratively

Investing business assets in the asset class of real estate is widespread due to the high potential returns. In order to be able to invest part of the capital digitally in real estate as a company, a company custody account for business customers is required, which is not offered by all investment platforms. For Rendity, the corporate custody account is an important part of the service spectrum, as we are happy to offer this service to our customers who register as a company. We create the best conditions for corporate clients to invest professionally in real estate.
No investment limits

Unlimited investing

Commercial customers and institutional investors can set up a corporate account with Rendity as a GmbH or AG and conclude investments in the desired amount. Private customers in Germany are subject to a maximum value limit of €25,000 per issue. Private customers in Austria must submit a self-disclosure from an investment amount of € 5,000. These hurdles do not exist for a corporate custody account.
No fees

The free company deposit

As a business, cost is a critical factor of success. Invest entirely without hidden fees, so there are no surprises. With a corporate account at Rendity, we focus on maximum transparency and do not charge any fees. The company account is free of charge with Rendity! This minimizes expenses and automatically maximizes profit. True to the motto "Free but not for nothing", Rendity offers the opportunity to invest digitally in real estate with an innovative technology. A competent and personal service are basic requirements for professional investing in real estate. Be in the best hands when it comes to real estate investments as a GmbH or AG. Already since 2015, Rendity has distinguished itself as a professional partner for private and business customers. We offer first-class services and solutions around the asset class real estate. Here are some reasons that speak for us:
100% Free of charge
Protected against inflation
Current return from deposit
Quarterly revenue
No investment limits
High yield: 7-9% p.a.

Our service

No fees

Company account (company depository)

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Free service hotline & personal customer support

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Extensive reporting

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Variety of payment methods

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