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Many years of real estate and financing experience in Germany

All in all, the management team of the MAGAN Group around the managing director and owner Alexander Neuhuber has decades of experience in the real estate industry, especially in Berlin and the new German states.

MAGAN Managing Director Alexander Neuhuber is one of the most well-known and distinguished real estate entrepreneurs in Austria. Already in 1988 he founded his first real estate agency "Neuhuber und Partner". In the early 1990s, Neuhuber succeeded in taking over the Austrian general representation of DTZ (Debenham Thorpe Zadelhoff, later Debenham Tie Leung), one of the largest global real estate consulting companies. In 2001, he sold the company, then ranked third in the list of the largest Austrian commercial real estate agents, to his British partners. Originally founded as a pure holding company for investments, Magan Holding GmbH was then the operative company of the group for a long time. In order to define the business areas even more clearly and to express this in the company name, Magan Holding GmbH will be renamed Magan Advisors GmbH in autumn 2018. With this company he advises a top-class clientele on the selection and execution of real estate transactions, as an investor or owner representative. A unique selling point is the support of Austrian investors in their purchases and sales in Germany. Since 2004 Neuhuber has also been active with the Magan group of companies in Berlin and the new federal states, and since 2014 he has also been operating a Magan office in Leipzig. The second pillar of the Magan Group can be described as private equity/club deals. In this context, real estate is purchased, managed and finally also sold again within the framework of changing investment companies, with various partners, on their own account.

Since autumn 2017 DI(FH) Michael Alexander Mitterdorfer has taken over the management of transaction management and investment of the MAGAN Group and can look back on more than 10 years of professional experience in the real estate industry. Through his career with well-known real estate companies such as EHL, Bank Austria Real Invest and BAR, he has been able to continuously expand his investment know-how and his international network. He was able to expand his German expertise most recently as head of real estate acquisition at Immowert Immobiliengruppe. As transaction manager he is responsible for the selection and execution of real estate transactions within the MAGAN group of companies and for MAGAN clients.

From 2005 to 2007, Mr. Neuhuber and his partner, the Austrian Stumpf Group, jointly acquired almost 70 apartment buildings in Berlin, Potsdam and Leipzig as part of a private equity investment. This resulted in a portfolio with approximately 1,500 existing units (Spree eins and two GmbHs and Wannsee GmbH). Following a phase of property optimisation and management, the sale of approx. 600 condominium apartments and the remaining properties in global sales will follow between 2011 and 2014. From the beginning of 2014, MAGAN and a new partner (Trabi Immobilien) purchased apartment buildings in Leipzig, Dresden, Halle and other cities. By summer 2016, a total of 33 properties in the new German states had been acquired and managed. In 2017 the portfolio was sold globally to a German institutional investor. Since 2016, the MAGAN Group has been acquiring mainly residential apartment buildings in the target markets through new private equity companies, the Horch Group. To date, more than 30 properties have been purchased, and a partial package in Leipzig was already sold again at the end of 2018.

An additional, newer pillar of MAGAN is the Wartburg Group, with which individual condominiums are acquired - again in the form of a club deal. By the beginning of 2020, more than 120 condominiums have already been purchased in the cities of Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Halle, Chemnitz, Zwickau, and Gera.


Mag. Alexander Neuhuber, MRICS
DI (FH) Michael Alexander Mitterdorfer MRICS