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SH Immobilien Development GmbH is part of the Freiimmobilien group

Since the company was founded, SH Immobilien Development GmbH has been committed to creating living space under ecological and stylish aspects. From the beginning of the planning, through the construction phase, to the interior finishing of the new apartments, we pay special attention to the fact that our projects are optimised by the careful use of resources and the use of high-quality, local building materials, thus contributing to the preservation of resources and a careful treatment of our environment.

Behind SH Immobilien Development GmbH are two extremely ambitious businessmen with a penchant for exclusive, challenging construction projects that combine sustainability, considerate use of materials, resources and the environment with contemporary architecture and cutting-edge design. Managing Director: Alaadtin Simsek, who, in addition to SH Immobilien Development, is also responsible for innovative construction projects at Freibau GmbH and Freiimmobilien GmbH and their energy-efficient realisation, has been self-employed since 2017. Managing Director: Faruk Harmankaya, who originally came from a social profession, ensures a family-friendly basic concept and the design of different floor plans adapted to various target groups and living conditions.

Team: DI Marlies Pommer - prospective property developer - is not only responsible for the administrative processing of construction projects as an interface, but also takes care of ecology and green space design as a qualified landscape architect. The team is completed by DI Clemens Sporkmann, our master builder, who is responsible for planning, technology and execution. As an "old hand" in the building industry, he knows all the necessary steps for a successful construction project and combines them with modern technology and stylish architecture.