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ELAD Immobilien GmbH was founded in April 2018. Managing director of ELAD Immobilien is Asher Davidov, a successful entrepreneur in the fields of gastronomy and real estate in Vienna. Among other things, he manages 5 successful restaurant businesses in inner-city locations as well as a catering company. Among them are the Tewa at Karmelitermarkt, the Weinschenke at Karmelitermarkt & Siebensternplatz, the newly opened Café Drechsler and the Pizzeria Randale. In recent years, Mr. Asher Davidov and his team have successfully implemented real estate projects. Today they include a package of 18 apartments in the portfolio, a self-contained apartment house with approx. 1,450m² as well as the current renovation or extension of an apartment house with 1,400m² in the 5th district. The next project is the row house project in the 22nd district in Brosamergasse.

MY-REL Immobilien GmbH, managed by Arik Alaev, is a shareholder of ELAD and contributes further professional expertise to the implementation of this project. Arik Alaev is a financial consultant for small and medium-sized companies in Austria and Germany, real estate developer and investor. He is founder and managing director of the consulting and investment company LonVin Partners as well as of MY-REL Holding GmbH, which holds shares in real estate companies (currently with a total volume of 5 million Euros). He specialises in the implementation of residential refurbishment and new construction. Previously, he worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in the real estate sector and as an analyst at Citigroup in the area of mergers and acquisitions. He completed his Masters in Management in France/Paris.

Artur Babadschanov is the responsible project manager for Brosamergasse and has many years of experience in the real estate segment. After several years as a real estate agent for residential real estate in the Vienna area, Mr. Babadschanov started in 2010 in the field of development and implementation of residential and commercial real estate and is managing director of ARBA Real Estate Investment GmbH, which is responsible for the project development of the project in Brosamergasse. So far, under the management of Mr. Babadschanov, about 7,000 m² of residential space have already been successfully developed.


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