Rendity Gift Cards

Rendity Gift Cards
Rendity Gift Cards

A gift for the financial future!

Rendity gift cards offer you unique access to real value and an uncomplicated entry into the real estate market. The gift cards offer an uncomplicated introduction to free investment in Rendity's real estate projects. Simply register, redeem the gift card code and you're ready to invest.

High-quality gift box

Each Rendity gift card is sent in a high-quality gift box or, on request, as an e-voucher by e-mail.
High-quality gift box
Frequently asked questions
Are the gift cards available digitally?
Yes, the gift cards are available in digital and physical form.
Can gift cards expire?
No, the gift cards do not have an expiry date.
What can gift cards be used for?
The gift cards can easily be used for a real estate investment with Rendity.
What payment methods are available when purchasing a gift card?
We currently offer customers the option of paying with their Wallet balance, by credit card (only users from Austria, Germany and Switzerland) or bank transfer. There are no fees when purchasing a gift card.
How can I check the balance on my gift card?
You can see in the dashboard whether a gift card has already been redeemed.
Can I send a gift card to a person who lives in another country?
Yes, Rendity gift cards can easily be sent within Europe, but there is an additional postage fee.