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United Benefits Holding GmbH


4.75% p.a.


60 months

Project type




The acquisition of a security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

Project Presentation

With this bond you benefit from the combined know-how bundled within United Benefits Holding. The attractive yield of 4.75% p.a. is distributed annually. You invest in the successful company with a long-standing anchorage in the European real estate industry. With a transaction volume of over 1.85 billion euros and more than 850,000 m² in asset management, United Benefits Holding is one of the Austrian market leaders. The goal of creating value characterizes the success of the group and opens up the opportunity for real innovation. The real estate industry is constantly evolving, especially in the areas of sustainability and financing. Therefore, this is where we focus our efforts in order to further drive our growth.

Deal Highlights

4.75% Interest per year

The bond gives you regular distributions of 4.75 percent on your investment. The interest is credited to you annually. The percentage rate always remains the same - even if the interest rate landscape changes. You can therefore count on a fixed amount per year and thus build up a passive income.

5 years Term

The bond with UB Holding runs for five years. During this period, you will receive annual interest distributions on fixed dates. This gives you planning security for your investment and the opportunity to profit from the lucrative real estate market for years to come.

10 Million € Bond Volume

The bond is the largest Rendity campaign to date with a volume of up to ten million euros. This financial product is only suitable for real estate giants with a long-standing track record and an excellent portfolio. They can use the capital to continue their growth course unabated. And as an investor, you can share in this success financially.

KESt taxation at 27.5 % (Austrian investors)

Rendity's bond brings tax advantages for Austrian investors. The interest distributions are taxable in Austria at 27.5 percent capital gains tax (KESt). You do not have to worry about anything. We automatically take care of the taxation for you.

United Benefits Holding GmbH

There are several reasons why we are approaching the first Rendity bond with United Benefits Holding. The Viennese company has demonstrated remarkable growth in recent years and can draw on an exceptional network and portfolio. With the debt capital provided, UB Holding intends to continue its successful course and take the Rendity investors along with it.

Investment Folder


All details and further information in connection with the bond you can find in our german investment folder: Download Folder

The Bond in Detail

  • Bond name: United Benefits Holding | 4.75% bond (2022 to 2027)
  • ISIN: AT0000A2WCF5
  • Type of bond: Non-subordinated, fixed-interest, bearer bond
  • Bond volume: 10 million euros
  • Minimum subscription: €100 and any amount equal to an integral multiple of €100
  • Repayment: 100% at maturity
  • Interest rate: 4.75 % interest per year fixed
  • Maturity date: 03.04.2027
  • Term: 60 months, 04.04.2022 to 03.04.2027
  • Subscription period: 04.04.2022 until probably 31.12.2022
  • Interest payment: Annually
  • Custody: Electronic collective custody by Rendity GmbH
  • No premium: No premium is payable on the bond
  • Gain allowance: The bond qualifies for the profit allowance §10 EStG 2021 if subscribed up to and including December 14, 2022. It can also be used to cover securities for pension provisions §14 EStG.
  • Issuer: United Benefits Holding GmbH (" UB Holding"), Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna. Company register number
    FN 539021 d
  • Purpose of the bond: Primary use of net issue proceeds for possible real estate acquisitions (properties). Optimization of existing financing. Acquisition of corporate investments that serve to expand the business model and other general corporate purposes.
  • Paying agent: Rendity GmbH

Investment Case

With this bond you benefit from the combined know-how of United Benefits Holding. The attractive yield of 4.75% p.a. is distributed annually. You invest in the successful company with a long-standing anchorage in the European real estate industry.

The entire chain of value creation

We initiate, develop, realize and manage real estate investments in the DACH region. In this way, we offer our investors a uniform overall package. Our decisions and recommendations are always based on comprehensive and cross-divisional in-house expertise.

In our parent company, we bundle our uniform approaches and define clear guidelines and strategies. By pursuing our goals together, we save a lot of time and deliver the best results. Especially in the area of sustainability, we benefit enormously from our holistic approach and broad in-house knowledge. For example, the future asset manager is already involved in the planning process to avoid costly retrofits. Our sales department supports co-pricing and our investment managers provide credible feedback and accurate criteria lists to our development team. In addition, through meticulous monitoring and permanent analysis of the market, our holding company continuously searches for the best sale and purchase options and handles the entire transaction management. Depending on the project and the investor's wishes, a subsidiary takes the lead after the purchase.



Revenue 2021
1.550.701 €
98.498 €
EBIT 2021
3.080.563 €
Equity 2021
24.906.364 €
Liquid funds 2021
217.065 €
Net Debt
-104575.73 %
67.138.828 €
Ekazent Revenue
1.970.288 €
Wealthcore Revenue
1.825.550 €

Finance Structure


The Kollitsch family and the Krause family are the founders of the United Benefits Holding Group. Both gentlemen have been investing in real estate for two generations and have been developing joint real estate projects in Europe for over 20 years. As a result of numerous joint successes, the two gentlemen bundled all real estate services in a joint company and founded the United Benefits family in 2016. Today, the group offers a holistic concept along the entire value chain of a property under one holding umbrella and stands for innovative concepts and the creation of sustainable real estate.


United Benefits Holding (UB Holding) combines the entire life cycle of a property with the three brands INVESTER United Benefits, EKAZENT Management and WEALTHCORE Investment Management. United Benefits Holding ("UB Holding") bundles several companies operating in German-speaking Europe in the field of real estate-related services under one holding umbrella. As a full-service provider for transaction management, development management, fund initiation, capital & funds advisory and asset management, we offer you the best possible support throughout the entire life cycle of your real estate. With the brands INVESTER United Benefits, EKAZENT and WEALTHCORE, UB Holding is deeply anchored in the European real estate industry. As the top management of the group, UB Holding bears entrepreneurial responsibility for its holdings. A flat hierarchy and well-founded, quick decisions ensure the sustainable and long-term positive development of the subsidiaries.


United Benefits Holding GmbH

United Benefits Holding GmbH

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