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Project Presentation

The "Kritzendorf" project involves the construction of two apartment buildings in an exclusive design with a total of 22 apartments between 50 m² and 130 m² with a total usable floor space of 1,638 m². The residents of the house will have 22 car parking spaces and a pram storage room in the basement. Special emphasis was placed on sustainable construction and well thought-out floor plans. During the planning stage, it was possible to create residential units for a wide variety of target groups and to adapt the room layout to a wide range of living situations.

The property is located north of the city limits of the federal capital Vienna - the centre is easily accessible by car within 20 minutes. The proximity to the Ölberg, Kahlenberg and the Danube offer a life in the countryside. The residential units will be realized with special consideration of contemporary and comfortable construction.


North of the Viennese city limits lies the approx. 10km² large Kritzendorf. The proximity to Klosterneuburg and the metropolis of Vienna also explains the attraction of Kritzendorf. Approximately 2,443 inhabitants live in Kritzendorf. In the summer season the number of inhabitants rises to over 5,000. The population of Kritzendorf is also characterised by a purchasing power above the Austrian average.

South of Kritzendorf, the Kahlenberg with its impressive view over Vienna functions as a natural border and extensive recreational area. East of Kritzendorf, the Danube and the Augebiet are the natural city limits and are particularly well frequented in summer, both by people from Kritzendorf and by Viennese with second homes who want to escape the city. In addition to the direct road connection, Vienna's city centre can also be reached directly by public transport within 20 minutes.

Strombad Kritzendorf

The Strombad Kritzendorf is a spa and holiday colony about twelve kilometres north of Vienna on the right bank of the Danube in the Lower Austrian village of Kritzendorf. It was one of the first open-air baths in Austria and had its heyday in the interwar period, where it was frequented by up to 12,000 visitors from all social classes on individual weekends. Although the facility is no longer operated as a public outdoor pool, the lawn on the banks of the Danube is freely accessible and is also used by numerous guests in summer. The garden plots in the complex are now leased all year round under the name "Donausiedlung" by the bathing administration of the municipality of Klosterneuburg.

Klosterneuburg wetland

Since the regulation of the Danube, the area of the alluvial zones along the Danube has declined sharply. Only since about 1950 have the first measures been taken to preserve and secure the Danube floodplains. In 1996, the Danube floodplains officially became a national park with a total of 9,300 hectares of forest, meadow and water areas.

Kahlenberg near Vienna

The Kahlenberg belongs to the Vienna Woods and is one of the sightseeings of Vienna as well as a traditional Sunday excursion destination of the Viennese, as from the Kahlenberg one has a view over the whole of Vienna and in case of a good visibility up to the Small Carpathians in Slovakia. Its peak towers above the Vienna Basin by about 320 m. From the Stefaniewarte, which is located on the highest point of the mountain, one can also see parts of Lower Austria. Next to the observation tower, which carried broadcasting antennas from 1953 to 1956, there is a 165 m high, guyed tubular steel mast of the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), which is used for the distribution of TV and VHF programmes as well as for directional radio. This transmission mast, erected in 1974, carries high operational rooms (which is untypical for such constructions) and has shaped the appearance of the Kahlenberg ever since.

On the mountain plateau just below the summit is the small church of St. Josef, in front of which there are bus stations and a large car park. From there, one gets after a few steps to the panorama terrace at the terrain level that slopes down to Vienna. Until approximately 2004, there was a restaurant here that was built by the famous arquitect Erich Boltenstern in the 1930s. Parts of this former restaurant, the old terrace and the adjacent hotel ruins, which had been empty for many years, were demolished and an apartment building was built instead in 2007. There is also a (heavily modernised) restaurant and a new viewing terrace on the plateau. As a graduation towards the Stefaniewarte, the Modul University Vienna, a private university of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, was established in partly old and partly new buildings, which started its operations in the winter semester 2007/2008.



Laura Bauträger GmbH only uses high-quality building materials. The individual building components are all coordinated and are subject to the strictest quality criteria. We play it safe and you benefit, because our work lasts "a lifetime".

With our experience and our numerous, presentable reference objects in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, you can see us as a reliable and stable partner. In recent years, we have increasingly shifted our focus to project construction and have already realised several of these plans.

Laura Bauträger GmbH

Laura Bauträger GmbH