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Kalvarienberggasse 72



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Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

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Project Presentation

The project "Kalvarienberggasse 72" is an existing property in the 17th district of Hernals in Vienna, which is being renovated and extended with new buildings and a two-storey attic extension. The property currently comprises 3 residential and 2 commercial units with an existing floor space of around 631 m² (total usable floor space). Not only the high development potential through a comprehensive revitalization and structural extensions is convincing here, but also the location in the middle of one of the most sought-after residential areas in Vienna.

As part of the development project, common areas and existing units will be renovated and new buildings in the courtyard area and an attic conversion will create an additional 340 m² of usable living space, increasing the total usable space to around 971 m². The modern roof structures are carefully integrated into the ensemble of the surrounding existing buildings and form loggias, balconies and roof terraces on the street side and courtyard side. Following completion of the development project, all residential and commercial units will be sold individually.

The purchase agreement has been concluded and the Issuer is already the owner of the property. A building permit has now been issued and the contracts for the construction work have already been signed. Construction work is scheduled to start in the 3rd calendar quarter of 2023 and is expected to be completed by the 2nd calendar quarter of 2025.


Welcome to 1170 Vienna

Hernals, the 17th district of Vienna, covers a total area of 11.35 km² and is appreciated by its approximately 56,014 residents for its simultaneous proximity to the city center (university and city hall quarters, as well as to the old and new AKH) and to local recreation areas such as Schwarzenbergpark or Schafberg. Like neighboring Ottakring, the district is characterized by its inner-district differences. On the one hand, there is the urban part of the district between Hernalser Hauptstrasse and Elterleinplatz, which is especially popular with the younger target group and is closer to the center. On the other hand, Hernals presents itself as dignified and noble from Alszeile out of town. Here, the 17th borders the Vienna Woods to the northwest with its green hills, hiking trails, picnic areas and views of the city. The districts of Dornbach and Neuwaldegg exude a village atmosphere and, with their villas and exclusive new buildings, are among the city's posh locations.

Micro location Kalvarienberggasse

Nothing is worth more than a good location. The project "Kalvarienberggasse 72" is located in the middle of Vienna's 17th district Hernals. Stores for daily needs, some restaurants and cafés, the University of Vienna, the AKH as well as a large offer of local recreation and leisure facilities are in the immediate vicinity. Streetcar and bus lines stop at the nearby Johann Nepomuk Vogl Platz, making the location very well connected to the public transport network. In the future, the district will be even better connected by the U5 subway line, which is currently under construction and will contribute to a further increase in the attractiveness of the location. Parks such as the well-known Türkenschanzpark, the Kongresspark and Lidlpark are also within walking distance and invite for recreation and sports activities.

Discover the surroundings

Hernals, a green district with historic charm - this aptly describes the district and thus the location of the "Kalvarienberggasse 72" project. Large-scale recreational areas and a new subway line are probably the first things that come to mind when one thinks of Hernals. While the U5 will only provide a direct connection between the 17th district and the city center in a few years, residents can already make use of the extensive green areas that Hernals has to offer. The Schwarzenbergpark, for example, offers 80 hectares of extensive avenues that border directly on the Vienna Woods. From there, a half-hour walk will also take you to Neuwaldegg Palace, with its magnificent gardens - one of Austria's most important monuments of garden architecture and a listed building.

Congress Park and Congress Pool

The Congress Park is a popular place for recreation and enjoyment of nature in the district of Hernals. The well-kept lawns provide space for recreational activities such as picnics, ball games or just relaxing. The park also features a charming pond inhabited by water birds and a small bridge that becomes a charming focal point. The adjacent playground is ideal for children to let off steam and play. The Congress Pool, which is part of the Congress Park, offers welcome refreshment on hot days with its spacious outdoor pools, water slides and spacious sunbathing lawns.


Türkenschanzpark is a spacious and scenic park in Vienna's adjacent 18th district of Währing. With its well-kept lawns, shady avenues of trees and flowerbeds in bloom, the park invites visitors to relax and picnic. A highlight of the park is the namesake Türkenschanz monument, which commemorates the liberation of Vienna from the Ottoman siege in the 17th century. The park also offers playgrounds for children, a miniature golf course and numerous walking paths that invite you to spend a relaxing time. In summer, open-air concerts and events are regularly held here, making the park a popular meeting place for locals and visitors.

AKH - Vienna General Hospital

The General Hospital (AKH) in Vienna is one of the largest hospitals in Europe and a major medical center. Located in the adjacent 9th district, AKH consists of several interconnected buildings and offers a 12 comprehensive range of medical services. With over 2,200 beds and numerous specialized departments, AKH is an important focal point for medical care in the city. The hospital is known for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and expertise in a variety of specialties, including oncology, cardiology, neurology and surgery. It also offers a variety of outpatient treatments and specialty clinics. AKH plays an important role in the training of physicians and is also a research center for medical innovation.

Hernals Cemetery

Hernalser Friedhof is a place of historical significance and a place of rest and reflection. Here you will find graves of famous personalities such as the writer Friedrich Torberg and the painter Hans Makart. The well-kept paths lead through peaceful surroundings, flanked by imposing tombstones and gravestones in various styles. The cemetery exudes a special atmosphere and offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past and learn about Vienna's unique cemetery culture.


The Stadtbahn arches in Hernals are a fascinating example of the reuse of architectural structures. The arches were originally built for Vienna's light rail system and later converted into stores, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. Today, the Stadtbahnbögen offer a diverse selection of culinary delights, unique stores and a vibrant nightlife. This lively neighborhood attracts locals and visitors alike who want to soak up the atmosphere, whether it's a leisurely coffee, dinner or a stroll along the boutiques and galleries.



SAP Immobilien GmbH has been specialized in refurbishing old apartments and developing apartment buildings since its foundation about 15 years ago.

SAP Immobilien GmbH has perfected the refurbishment of a wide variety of residential properties over the years and has always worked in parallel with all 3SI Immogroup developments.

Several hundred individual apartments in top locations in Vienna were renovated and successfully sold - and a number of apartment buildings were developed and also successfully sold.

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