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Hopfengasse 15



6.75% p.a.


24 months

Project type




Notice according to § 12 (2) Vermögensanlagengesetz

This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.

Project Presentation

The project "Hopfengasse 15" is a project for an attic conversion of an apartment building in Linz. The issuer's objective is to obtain a building permit for a two-storey attic extension. In the course of the extension, 461m² additional living space will be created in addition to the current 930m².

The objective of this issue is to partially redeem the own funds used, as well as to finance the planning and development until a building permit is obtained for a two-story attic conversion for 6 additional residential units with approximately 461m² of additional floor space. As the construction phase is not part of the financing, this project has no construction risk . In addition, the property currently generates annual rental income of 60.000 €. All units will be sold globally after successful submission planning.

The property is ideally located in Linz. Local amenities of all kinds are located in the immediate vicinity of the property.

Deal Highlights

Owner and Experienced Stockholder - CAELIA Group

"Investing where life blooms." CAELIA Group has already financed 5 successful projects with the help of Rendity Investors Community. With an experienced and motivated team, CAELIA Group has been active in the real estate industry for nearly eight years.

No construction risk & rental income of over 60.000 € per year

The construction phase is not part of the investment object, thus there is no construction risk. The project currently generates at net annual rent of over 60,000 €. The occupancy rate is currently around 67%.

Attractive interest rates and short term - 6.75% yield with a term of only 24 months

Investors receive an annual interest rate of 6.75% on their invested capital. The interest is distributed every year. The capital invested is repaid in full to the investors at the end of the maximum term of 24 months.

RENDITY Immediate interest - interest from the 1st day

Investors receive the Rendity immediate interest from the moment they deposit their investment, which is paid out as soon as the subscription period expires.

Ideal location in the capital of Upper Austria

The property is located in Linz's prime location. All local amenities of all kinds can be reached on foot in just 15 minutes.


Investment Case

The borrower is the owner of the property with the address Hopfengasse 15, 4020 Linz. In the course of the project, the existing 930m² total floor space will be expanded by about 461m² through an attic conversion as planned. During the expansion, a 100% residential use is planned, currently there are about 78% residential space and 22% commercial space. The property has a current area of 466m².

The objective of this issue is to partially pay off the equity used, as well as to finance the planning and development until a building permit is obtained for the attic addition. The acquisition of the property has already taken place. Since the construction phase is not part of the investment project, there is no construction risk. The annual rental income amounts to 60,000€ per year. After completion, a global sale of all units is planned.

Annual distributions:

During the term, the lender will receive an annual distribution of 6.75%.

Short Term:

The lender will receive its invested capital back after the apartments have been liquidated. According to the planning, this is to take place after a maximum of 24 months.


Purchase costs
3.225.000 €
Development costs
90.000 €
Remediation costs
25.000 €
Financing costs
200.000 €
Total investment costs
3.540.000 €
Sales revenue
3.850.000 €
310.000 €

Finance Structure


Welcome to Linz

"It all starts in Linz."

With a population of over 200,000, the Upper Austrian capital is Austria's third-largest city and offers a correspondingly large number of sights. The excellent cultural infrastructure with pubs, stores, theaters, museums and much more offers all art and culture lovers a wide range of activities. Linz09 - is a well-known term among the people of Linz, because in 2009 Linz was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. Not only art lovers get their money's worth, but also nature lovers can enjoy Linz along the Danube, in the parks, in the Botanical Garden and in the Pöstlingberg adventure world. In addition to the arts and cultural scene, Linz also has an important industrial and economic role. Some of Austria's largest companies, such as Voestalpine, Brau Union and Swietelsky, are based in Linz. Linz is therefore an ideal place to live and work.

Microlocation Hopfengasse

The "Hopfengasse 15" project is located in downtown Linz and thus in the busiest and most popular district of the Upper Austrian capital. The most important shopping facilities for daily needs can be reached on foot within 15 minutes. For leisure and recreational opportunities in nature, the city offers an ideal starting point.

Discover the surroundings

The property is the ideal starting point for a relaxing stroll through downtown Linz. Starting from the property, past Linz's baroque main square to the idyllic riverside promenade, residents will experience numerous impressions. The Schlosspark Linz is located on the edge of the city center with a view of the Danube. Art lovers get their money's worth in the provincial capital of Linz. The wide range of art in the form of pubs, stores, theaters and museums helped the city win the title of European Capital of Culture (2009).

From the power of the Danube to the sweeping views of the Pöstlingberg mountain and many historical and artistic encounters, the city has much to offer. The Danube flows right through the middle of Linz, inviting residents and visitors alike to linger. The popular Danube promenade invites you to take an extended stroll.

Linz Palace Park

Linz Castle towers high above Linz. Gastronomy and a museum combine in this sight, as do historical and modern architecture. Visitors can experience the natural, cultural and technological history of Upper Austria on more than 18,000 square meters in the castle museum. As Austria's largest universal museum, the Schlossmuseum Linz offers a program for the whole family. In addition to the permanent exhibition, large-scale exhibitions dedicated to regional and international topics are held annually. Linz Castle is one of the oldest sights in Linz and the eye-catcher of Linz's historic old town center, which lies just a few hundred meters from the Danube.

Main Square Linz

The center of the city is formed by the baroque Hauptplatz Linz, which at around 13,200m² is one of the largest enclosed squares in Austria. In the center of the main square is an impressive 20-meter high column, which was completed in 1723. The column, made of white marble, is dedicated to the Trinity and was erected in gratitude for the disasters survived and for protection against conflagration, war and plague. As a marketplace, the main square soon helped the city of Linz to an economic boom. Today, Linz's Hauptplatz is still the venue for a large number of events and markets.

Linz city center

The Hauptplatz and the surrounding side streets make up Linz's city center. The bustling center offers architecture worth seeing, culinary highlights and a variety of shopping opportunities. Numerous events take place in the city center throughout the year. The Linzer Landstraße leads into the Hauptplatz and is one of the busiest shopping streets in Austria. On the Landstraße and in the side streets, stores invite you to window shop and offer a diverse selection for every taste. Both well-known brands and small, individual stores can be found in the center of Linz.

Nature lovers: parks, botanical gardens and the Pöstlingberg adventure world

With 51 parks, the city is one of the greenest in Austria. Visitors can take advantage of around 400ha of green space combined with 700ha of forest for extensive walks and sports activities of all kinds. Among the most popular parks are the Volksgarten, the Donaupark, the Stadtpark and the Schlosspark.

Nature lovers will get their money's worth in the botanical garden. Here, the fantastic plant world can be marveled at.

Off to the Pöstlingberg - Linz's local mountain! A trip to the Pöstlingberg is an unforgettable experience, and not just for children. Whether it's the Pöstlingbergbahn, the viewing platform, the photo gallery, the zoo, the pilgrimage basilica or the fairytale and dwarf kingdom of the Grottenbahn Linz, there's something for everyone here. At the same time, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Danube from the Pöstlingberg. The Pöstlingbergbahn Linz, one of the steepest adhesion railroads in Europe, creates with its design a harmonious combination of nostalgia and modernity. In just 20 minutes - starting from Linz's main square - it climbs the city's 539-meter-high local mountain. The cars of the historic Pöstlingbergbahn Linz have been gently modernized. Regardless of whether you take the new train or the nostalgia cars (only in summer) - a trip up the Pöstlingberg is an experience for the whole family.



Development StageManagement
Track RecordMore than € 250 million developed
Asset TypeResidential
Duration18-36 months
Existing Bank FinancingYes
Pre Sales>20%
Rendity Rating are for informational purposes only. Real estate projects may fail. In the worst case, even the total loss of the invested capital can occur. You should therefore only invest funds you can afford to lose. Moreover, funds should be spread across various projects (diversification). Please note the respective documents for each project as well as the Risk Notice.


With a young but experienced and motivated team, the CAELIA Group has been active in the real estate industry for almost eight years, with a management team that can already look back on 15 years of experience in real estate and finance. In addition to Sales/Agency, responsible for purchasing and distribution, and Capital, responsible for releasing capital by handling sale and rent back transactions and joint ventures, CAELIA has focused mainly on real estate development in two areas that make up the Investment division:

The development of projects, mainly residential projects in the early stages, that is, at most until the building permit is obtained. This includes the search and purchase of suitable plots and projects as well as the preparation for construction including planning, dedication and project concepts.

The development of apartment buildings including planning of extensions.

In addition to its own team, CAELIA is supported by a network of strategic partners and service providers with whom it has long-standing relationships. In all areas, CAELIA always acts as a partner for developers and not as a competitor: projects and properties are optimally prepared and prepared for further development or implementation by various developers through CAELIA's pre-development services. Thus, property developers can concentrate on their core competence - the construction of living space. CAELIA is the ideal partner for developers when it comes to the search for land, the preparation of plans and concepts, the financing of projects and the distribution and sale of projects.

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