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Fuchsensteig 11



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Project Presentation

The project "Fuchsensteig 11" comprises the construction of 2 modern detached houses on the green outskirts of Vienna. The building project has already been submitted to the authorities and complies with all regulations. As this is a simplified approval procedure due to the scope of the project, no formal building permit is required. Construction activities are scheduled to start in the 1st calendar quarter of 2024 and should be completed by the 2nd calendar quarter of 2025. One of the two properties has already been successfully pre-sold, which corresponds to around 50% of the expected sales proceeds.

A total of around 470 m² of usable space will be created here as part of the development project. The plan is for 100% residential use. The apartments are characterized in particular by their smart and compact floor plans. In addition, the properties offer a wide range of attractive outdoor areas, ranging from roof terraces to small gardens. The proximity to green recreational oases and good transport links ensure an exceptional quality of life and living.


Welcome to 1210 Vienna

The 21st district, also known as "Floridsdorf", is a district in the north of Vienna. It borders the district of Donaustadt to the south and east and the second longest river in Europe, the Danube, to the south-west. Around 178,000 inhabitants live in an area of approx. 45 km². This makes Floridsdorf one of the most populous districts in Vienna after Favoriten and Donaustadt. Despite its large population, Floridsdorf is in the lower quarter of Vienna's population density.

There are many reasons why Floridsdorf is a good place to live: Settlements, some of which are still rural in character, offer peace and quiet and give a small-town feel, the proximity to the Danube Island provides suitable space for leisure activities and thanks to excellent transport links, you can reach the city center within about 20 minutes.


Nothing is worth more than a good location. The "Fuchsensteig 11" project is located in the middle of Vienna's 21st district of Floridsdorf.

Stores for daily needs, several restaurants and cafés as well as public facilities such as the Tomaschekstraße elementary school are in the immediate vicinity. The Vienna Strebersdorf train station is a 15-minute walk away and offers a variety of rapid transit lines to the city center as well as other regional connections. The Autokaderstraße streetcar station is also a good starting point for easy access to Vienna's city center. The Schwarzlackenau recreational area is just a few minutes' walk away and invites you to linger and exercise.

Discover the surroundings

Transformation and expansion - this aptly describes the district and thus the location of the "Fuchsensteig 11" project.

The property is located in Schwarzlackenau, a district of Vienna's 21st municipal district. Floridsdorf is a district in transition. Not only has the infrastructure been greatly expanded in recent years, but construction activity here is also very high compared to the rest of Vienna. Due to its large land reserves, the 21st district is particularly attractive for project developers. With regard to the creation of efficiently designed and affordable residential projects, the available areas offer many opportunities. A transformation of the district is also noticeable in terms of urban development, and there are several concrete concepts that will create several new neighborhoods and new districts in the coming years.


The Schwarze Lacke near Jedlesee, a district of the 21st Viennese district of Floridsdorf, was a standing body of water and at high water a flowing tributary of the unregulated Danube near Vienna and is now a settlement area and local recreation area. With the regulation of the Danube in Vienna, the Schwarze Lacke, with a length of around 10 kilometers, lost its importance as a body of water. It was largely filled in with garbage and building rubble and grassed over. It is still recognizable today as a semi-circular green strip around the former Schwarze Lackenau filling island. As part of the forest and meadow belt, it is now an attractive local recreation area.

Danube Island

The Danube Island is an artificial island around 250 m wide between the Danube and the New Danube and has a lot to offer for people, animals and plants. The Danube Island is a popular cycling route and is ideal for water-related leisure activities, such as the water ski lift. Numerous public lidos can be found on the banks, including the most famous of them, the Gänsehäufel. There are also a number of sailing schools and boat hire facilities along the old Danube. The Danube Island can be reached from the property via the Jedleseer Bridge.

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most famous cycle routes in Europe and runs along the picturesque Danube river. The cycle path stretches over 2,800 kilometers from its source in Germany to its mouth in the Black Sea and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. The route also leads through the Vienna Woods, offering a welcome change from the urban landscape of Vienna. The section of the Danube Cycle Path West leads over the Jedleseer Bridge along the edge of the 21st district of Floridsdorf and is therefore close to the property.

Vienna Strebersdorf train station

Vienna Strebersdorf station is a transportation hub for regional connections in the north of Vienna. In addition to the S-Bahn lines S3 and S4, which provide a direct connection to Vienna's city center, regional connections also stop here. The Strebersdorf stop was renovated between 2020 and 2021. To this end, the existing platforms were demolished and partially moved towards Korneuburg, and new, fully enclosed glass waiting berths were built on the new platforms. In order to adapt the new appearance of the station to the ÖBB standard, a modern wooden roof was also erected.

Floridsdorf Water Park

Floridsdorfer Wasserpark is a small park on the Old Danube in the 21st district of Floridsdorf in Vienna. The park was created between 1928 and 1929 and has an area of 143,000 m², around a third of which is taken up by water. The water park was one of the largest projects of the Vienna City Gardens under the then director Fritz Kratochwjle. There are 2 ponds connected by canals and a large island. The paths are paved with gneiss stones and illuminated with romantic lanterns. Steep, small Japanese-style bridges lead over the canals.

City walking trail 5

As part of Vienna's extensive network of hiking trails, City Hiking Trail 5 covers a distance of 10 kilometers from Stammersdorf to Falkenberg and is a testament to Vienna's diverse beauty. A highlight of the hike, especially in the fall, are the picturesque vineyards with their numerous vines perched on the gentle hills. Here you can taste the grape juice in the traditional wine taverns. There are two forest playgrounds along the way with a sandpit, meadow ball playground, adventure playground and numerous play equipment such as swings and slides to ensure that children don't miss out during the hike.



Laura Bauträger GmbH only uses high-quality building materials. The individual building components are all coordinated and are subject to the strictest quality criteria. We play it safe and you benefit, because our work lasts "a lifetime".

With our experience and our numerous, presentable reference objects in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, you can see us as a reliable and stable partner. In recent years, we have increasingly shifted our focus to project construction and have already realised several of these plans.

Laura Bauträger GmbH

Laura Bauträger GmbH