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There are numerous reasons and ways to invest in real estate. In our free e-book, you will learn why the world's oldest asset class is particularly profitable for you and how you can become a successful investor even as an absolute beginner.

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How to become a real estate investor

REITs, condominiums, funds or real estate crowdinvesting? There are many ways to invest in real estate. This e-book gives you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways and how you can best participate.
Austria as an investment location

Location Austria

Where and why real estate investments in Austria are particularly profitable is answered in our free e-book. On the one hand, the location itself and, subsequently, the Austrian real estate market are discussed.
The chapters of the free e-book
Austria and money
These investment opportunities exist
The way to the first condominium
The main features of a property
The different ways to invest in real estate
Austria as a business and real estate location
Crowdinvesting in Austria
The four most important characteristics of a project in real estate crowdinvesting