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"Competence meets sustainability - Secure growth is our top priority."

The Käselow Group is a group of companies operating in Germany that specializes in building a sustainable real estate portfolio. Fixed key indicators help the successful real estate company to achieve long-term success and steady potential. The sustainable strategy and the long-term-oriented investment approach enable the investment risk to be minimized in the long term.

"A good relationship with our tenants is important to us." - The Käselow Group is keen to take things into their own hands, which is why they have been managing their properties since 2008 with the help of a real estate brokerage and in-house property management - the individual should be well looked after and is a priority in all respects at the Käselow Group.

In order to remain sustainable and true to its principles in the long term, the Käselow Group has built up a network of specialists who can offer advice and support based on many years of experience.