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The history of the owner family goes back to the foundation of the first company, ELK Fertighaus GmbH, one of the leading prefabricated house companies in Europe. Since its foundation in 1959, the traditional company ELK is owned by the Weichselbaum family.

In 2016, the owning family sold the ELK Fertighaus company, but they retained the property development division, which now operates under the name "YOUR house with land".

At YOUR House with Reason we focus on highest competence, best quality and responsible house construction in cooperation with certified prefabricated house companies.

YOUR house with reason offers the complete package with property, house, and everything around.

Many years of experience paired with creativity and dynamics in the modern spirit of the times. The company focuses on quality and not quantity. The different social and personal needs of the future residents are important for a competent team.